Sparky's iPhone Xs Max Review

Had a little fun this morning and recorded a 5 minute Xs Max review, via my memoji-fied self.


Thanks, great review!

Can the user turn off the smart HDR feature? I do not feel comfortable if it is always turned on as I like to control the set up for the pictures myself. That is especially true fun night pictures and streets HDR could falsify the result.

You can turn it off in settings or set it to also keep a normal photo.

Upgrading 3rd gen Touch …will I be happy?

Seriously all the talk is about upgrading from iPhone xxx. Is Apple’s marketing aimed at upgraders from within the fold?

Or is it I pay attention to Apple oriented groups?

Well done review…

Well, I am on the Apple Upgrade plan so when I am eligible in a month I am going for the bigger X. Like you, I have always enjoyed the larger screen. Kine of takes the place of a smaller iPad.

The review was okay. The annoying talking memoji definitely was not.

I’m going for the Max version from an iPhone 7 Plus. I put my 7 next to the Max in the Apple store and I could not believe how much better the screen looks. Up until that point I had no intention to upgrade.

That’s what I liked about it :nerd_face::joy: