Stream Deck always on

Hey there,

I have an Elgato Stream Deck connected to my iMac and am running into a little issue with its display.

My Energy Saver Computer Sleep setting is currently set to “Never” (Display sleep is 1 hour, screen saver kicks in after 20 minutes).

When the display goes to sleep, the Stream Deck panel lights up and shows the default screen (the Stream Deck logo displayed across the 15 buttons of the device). I’m worried about it ruining the displays in the device and so I unplug it every night.

Is there a better way to shut this thing down?

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I have the same problem - from a different angle: Light pollution from my home office.

I have the StreamDecks (Mini plus Regular) on a powered USB hub but even powering the hub off - using a remote smart switch and my iPhone - doesn’t avoid the logo problem.

I had hoped there was a way (on a MacBook Pro) to power down USB ports but there doesn’t seem to be. (Anyone know of a way?)

So I take the StreamDecks and place them face down on the desk the last thing I do at night. This, of course, doesn’t assuage your worry.

Like you, I really wish Elgato now Corsair would fix this. In the meantime I wonder if there’s a hacker solution.

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Just stumbled upon this topic. The good news is that there is a “hacker solution”. The bad thing is that this solution won’t work with the official Stream Deck software from Elgato. So you have to basically create everything from scratch. No drag and drop, but code.

The solution I’m talking about is Hammerspoon. HS has Stream Deck support and can watch all kinds of system events, including display and sysem sleep. Apart from that, you could even create a timer to switch off you Stream Deck - in software - at given times. The sky is the limit basically.

That being said, it’s not the easiest road and (some) scripting and/or programming knowledge is definitely a must as everything is done in a language called LUA.

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Interesting. As I have two Streamdecks I wonder if I can run one (the 6-button) with Hammerspoon and the other with the official Streamdeck software.

That I don’t know. Only know that the Hammerspoon devs state that it only works if the official SD app is not running. I only have one SD mini, so can’t help you with testing.

I have my SD now configured that it will turn black if either my Mac goes to sleep or shuts down.

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