Summer Office Setup

It is a very interesting approach, as a lot of companys spend a lot of money, to get more privacy and silence for their office-workers, after they placed them in large Open-plan offices.

Wow what a view! I would get distracted! Do you have a problem with glare on the screens?

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Incredible. I would not want to leave. That view of the water and the sky is stunning.


No, I didn’t. The cabana cover was just enough to keep the glare off. And there were 2 USB charging ports right there so it was perfect.

No, there is no glare as I do not have a window behind. The view can be pretty distracting, but I’m sure that does my eyes a lot of good as I often focus away from my screen.

I just received a Studio Display for the office and didn’t get the nano texture, and there is no noticeable glare on that either.

In case anyone is interested, this is my updated (finally complete) office setup:


@beck Lewis is adorable. Does he come up to the roof desk too, or is it too high for him?

He is adorable, this is a fact. Here he is helping me work out in the van:

He cannot come up on the roof, but we are planning on finishing it (though it’ll still require climbing a ladder) and when we do, we’ll create a dumbwaiter to get him up!


Yeah this article bummed me out! I tweeted about it here:


I had a beagle who, one day, tried to climb a ladder to see what I was doing. He made it most of the way before requiring my intervention.

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I love that beagle. Here’s Lewis the other day. I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

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During my time in the Army we had some German and Belgium Shepards, who where able to climb the ladders almost faster than us.
But we used often ladders made out of wood, or with some deeper steps.
My own dog (12years old) is running stairs much faster than I do up and down.
Unfortunately she developed during the last 1-2 years a Fear of heights, so she is turning around on our stairs in the house from Step 5-6, because of the partly open side of the stairs. I have to cover the side with a blanket, to let her go up the whole way. While she is running every stairs up and down like a 2year old, if the sides are covered.

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I believe caution (read wisdom) tends to increase with age. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s always summer here, except we’re now in the wet season. Lots of rain and dengue-carrying mosquito. I don’t have a view outside but I positioned my desk in front of our indoor garden for a relaxing view.


lovely view, what city is this?

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The view is the north of Madrid.

I’ve been to Madrid, beautiful city! I loved my visit.

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I like the display in portrait mode. I’m using one that way too with my laptop.

Looks great + I have da visit 1 day.

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Yum. Madrid is the tastiest city I’ve visited.

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If I lived in the UK I’d definitely want a setup like this! Unfortunately I live on the Eastern Coast of the United States and there are hundreds of species of bugs flying around, the latest, the spotted lantern fly. We have been told to kill them on sight as they come in hoards and kill vegetation. Came over on a cargo ship from Asia. Dumb buggers but wayyyy too many to sit outside.