Sync to Synology from MBP

I have a Synology DS218j that I am trying to sync files to from my MPB using Hazel. I know that my Hazel script is working, as I can sync to other locations, but I am having permission issues on the NAS. I’ve poked around in the GUI settings, and even attempted to set permissions via CHMOD, but I haven’t found the answer yet… has anyone done this? Is there a trick that I am missing? Thanks!

Why reinvent the wheel when there is Chronosync?

I have been using ChronoSync for that purpose, too. It works just great.

If you want to use a cheaper version, you might want to look into ChronoSyncExpress.

The Express version is also part of Setapp.

The price is absolutely not too high for both versions, as it really is a lifetime price. I bought it 10 years ago and have not paid anything since.

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… there seems to be an issue with the permissions and not with the tool being used :wink:
I have a Synology as well as make automative file transfers via Hazel of certain sync folders. Can you please write a bit on what your setup is and how you access the DS from your MPB?
And watch out using CHMOD - that can easily jeopardise your system.

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I’ll check that out, but I’m really just looking to keep a few folders replicated on the NAS, which should work fine with the Hazel command. In practice it actually does work if I’m not pointing to the Synology. Thank you!

Thanks Christian. I appreciate the comment and will take a look at That version too.

Thanks Sven. Nothing special in the setup. I’m mounting the DS and access it in volumes. I’m able to read and write, but get permission errors in the Hazel log file as a result of the sync command. I’ll post the exact error tomorrow when I have a few minutes.

Probably not the case, but here it goes.

In the past I hadsone access issues because of the router’s port forwarding… have you checked in there?

I use chronosync from my mini to synology. It was quick to set up and straightforward