Syncing and Annotating PDF's between DEVONthink and PDF Expert

In another related thread, I read about using PDF Viewer to annotate PDF’s stored in DEVONthink. That application works well. What I just discovered, to my delight as a frequent user of PDF Expert, that you can do the same with PDF Expert. This means that I can continue to use my preferred PDF application. Here is a screenshot to show how to access DTTG on the iPad using PDF Expert. I tested this after extensively annotating a 61 page PDF. The annotations were flawlessly synced with DT on my MBP and my iPad.



Slightly annoyingly, this design choice means that if you’re locked down and can’t use iCloud due to a corporate policy, ie a MDM lockdown, you can’t use devonthink as a document provider for PDF expert.

That is certainly true. But depending on how your company has things set up, or locked down, there may be other access points – see screenshot.


Absolutely, that’s how I use Box. It still seems odd Devinthink is part of iCloud and not documents or services

@Ted_Martin Devonthink, in this case is not specifically part of iCloud (although one could use iCloud to sync), you are free to use a myriad of sync options, including Box/Dropbox/WebDAV/Bonjour-Wifi direct etc.

All that is happening here, is that Apple’s is being accessed, which in turn (assuming you have given access to DTTG2/Devonthink) is ‘browsing’ through DTTG2’s files. So @Bmosbacker is simply using the interface to access the DTTG2 files from PDFExpert, annotating, and then ‘saving’ them back to DTTG2 through the interface.

This is cleaner/simpler than the previous (but workable) options, that involved roundtripping files between DTTG2 and PDFExpert. is therefore simply serving as an interface go-between, in effect.
Similarly, one could access PDFs inside a Dropbox folder, from PDFExpert using the, and then have those annotations ‘written-back’ to that Dropbox/Box/GDrive location – assuming could ‘see’ those files in those locations.

Hope that clarifies things.

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What’s weird is I don’t like the non-intuatuve way that I have to browse the Files app to find my pdfs and such within Devonthink. Is there a better way outside of sending these pdfs to another service like Dropbox? Am I better off annotating with Devonthink’s annotation tools? I’m just slightly puzzled at this snaking around.