Talking myself down from an upgrade?

It is fixed now. Took forever. It was Ad Guard, which I love, maybe interfering with Apple’s privacy stuff. That’s just a guess.

It has been a bit finicky but is running fine now. Thanks so much!

Thanks Katie. That’s great advice! Unfortunately, I do not have any friends or family members that are interested in a powerful laptop. I wish they were… I’ll give Ebay a try and see if I can offload it. Thanks again.

I abandoned Ad Guard for NextDNS, which I really like. I have it installed on all of my and my family’s Macs and i-devices. I also do not use any antivirus software on my Macs.

Have you ever sold on Ebay? Have you ever bought anything?

I have. I sold Nancy Drew books for about 10 years. It has been a while since I sold but if you need any help just holler, ok?

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Thanks Katie. Will do.

If you go to Craigslist you can sell it in person for cash - what’s the risk there?



Meet at Starbucks to do the transfer

Banks or police stations are also a great option for in-person sales.

You need to have at least an account with feedback from people from whom you have bought something, saying you are a good customer. If not, no one will buy a big ticket item like that.

Yes, meet at your bank if you’re selling a laptop for significant cash, so you can immediately deposit it. My opinion is that Craigslist is lower risk than eBay.

Agreed - with Ebay there is a risk of buyer complaint and a chargeback against you.

Back to my OP…
I’ve settled on a 2020 MB Air M1 - but, I want 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD
In the refurb store they have either 8GB RAM w/ 512GB SSD – OR – 16GB RAM w/ 1TB SSD

So I either wait or go low on the RAM.

In my use case I think the highest RAM usage will be video editing, but nothing crazy. No graphics or sound tracks, just trimming and occasionally combining. Mostly stuff shot on an iPhone 8 or SE.

Question: will I regret not waiting for a 16GB RAM model that matches my specs?

There’s some interesting discussion on this week’s ATP about how more RAM is one of the better investments you can make to ensure a machine has a longer useful life.

Don’t know if you are a Costco member, but I have purchased a MBP M1 8GB/512 GB SSD for $1,250. They also had a MBP M1 8GB/256 GB SSD for $1,1100. I think 8GB RAM is OK for me as my needs are minimal. I will only use this machine for 1 year or less. In general, Costco Macs are $50 less than Apple prices, but they always have sales. Check on their prices for a MBA.

But is this still true w/ ARM-based M1 chips vs Intel? Specifically re: video processing, won’t all the extra GPU cores offload a lot of this?

Don’t know if this still applies to an SSD, but weren’t bigger drives usually faster at one point in time?

I succumbed…

Here in Australia some of the retailers are having a 10% off sale, including the new MBPs. I am now the proud owner off the base 14" model. Retail was $2999, which was possible financially for sure but $2699 sounds so much better.

I had to return the 16GB/1TB Air but for an extra $250, I am getting way more value. Plus I can sell my 2018 for (hopefully) $800-ish?


See if you know someone you can trust that has an Ebay account OR set up one for yourself. Buy a few small items so you can get some feedback and then list it.

Sounds like a terrific computer!

Terrific, Bill!!! Just so long as you get what you want!

What are the specifications?

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