Teaching Little Mac Power Users

Hi All,

The youngsters in my house are reaching the age where they need to start developing their computer literacy, and one of the things I realized we need to do is teach them how to touch type. This is a topic that I have not thought about since I was…in Grade 6? I can only imagine that the field has changed slightly since then…

I did a few cursory searches and didn’t really come up with anything particularly compelling. That said, I’m not sure what exactly “compelling” would constitute in a teaching typing app.

I was wondering if anyone from the community has confronted this lately and has any suggestions I could check out! Just for reference the main user would be 9 years old, and the younger is 7.

typing.com worked for me and my kids joined in. If you go to student > typing lessons it requires no sign up. It’s ‘fun-looking’.

It’s good because it just looks like games to kids. With my two it’s any excuse to get on screens!

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Anything that holds their interest should do. But I’m too old to know what’s out there now. I learned using a typing class textbook of my father’s from the 1930’s on a manual typewriter. My kids (around 1980) basically learned from osmosis from the computer at home because there were no computers in the schools yet.

Keep in mind that typing, in the not to distant future, will be considered an archaic skill much like cursive handwriting today.

Have you taught them how to use Alfred and DEVONthink yet? :wink:

PSA: if they also start listening to MPU they’ll need their own credit card! :wink: Hope you’ve got that covered! :rofl:

there’s quite a few suggestions on this thread: Best Mac typing tutor

It’s still my recommendation.

This big mac power user never learned that.

Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! I think there’s a couple here that should do!

I’m trying to learn to touch type in Dvorak and I use TypeFu. It seems to be working. I like that you can set it to teach you almost any keyboard layout.

Interesting tidbit. When I was a kid my mom forbid me from learning to type because she didn’t want me to be pigeonholed as a secretary. However, my husband was encouraged to learn to touch type by his parents because they didn’t want him to have to depend on a secretary. Interesting take on roles base don the gender of the person as perceived in the past.