The All New Kindle Scribe

Is anyone else interested in this?

I’ve already sent it to the spouse as a “add this to my holiday list” idea


That would be awesome.

And I agree with you, Amazons software could be better.

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Yes I am willing to be an early adopter. The kindle has been more important for self development than the iPad. Literally has started my reading habit. The advantage of kindle is lack of social media and distractions. The interface right now looks okay ish. Wish they had character recognition added as an option and maybe link to Evernote or the cloud but otherwise looks great. Can even use of note taking while in a meeting or seeing patients. Worse case scenario amazon is great with returns.

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I have a rule in life that I learned the hard way: Never buy on “eventually.” :slight_smile:


Just a 10” e-ink display would be awesome (Kindle DX reboot!), even if writing wasn’t great.


Being Sherlocked explains reMarkable’s recent service and pricing changes.
Looks nice, and the ease of getting Kindle books into it would be nice.


Considering how slow and clunky e-ink is when doing something simple like highlighting text on my Kindle, then no, I doubt this will be a good writing experience.

I can see no advantage of this “Notetaking” or “Annotation” function of this Kindle.
After all, it is still “Black-and-White” and therefore the Markings, and Drawings are all the same, not sticking out.
If I annotate a, let’s say 100p PDF, I will be able to scroll thereafter thru it, and clearly see my colored markings. This is not working, if there is no difference in the color from the text.

This is how reMarkable handles highlighting.
You can select yellow, green, or pink. When exported, the highlights will be in that color. On the reMarkable, they appear as different shades of gray. The three colors are shown below.


I have found no information, that the Kindle Scribe will be capable of that, too?

Just showing how it could work.
As you can see in their photos, the display isn’t just black and white, but can do gray scale as well.

Therefore I placed my “Black-And-White” within quotation marks, but anyway, “gray scale” is, after all, still not “colored”…

This looks promising. I like a lot of the ideas behind this and what reMarkable is doing. I’m not sure when or even if I’ll jump into products like this, but I like seeing more companies getting into the business.

Ideally for me, this will come to more Kindle products or the price point will go down in future releases.

Interesting that many of the books used in the advertising are personal development and social science related. Might say something about the target market?


I have a really hard time getting a new kindle since they have basically broken side loading content. I don’t want to buy books, especially e-books, from Amazon.

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What sort of sideloading are you looking for that you can’t do currently?

Apparently .mobi files that we got from someone other than Amazon can no longer be emailed or sent by cable to a Kindle? But ePub files now can? What is the world coming to? :man_shrugging:

So basically…I can’t upload a MOBI file anymore, unless I use a free converter to turn it into an ePub, in which case it’s fine?

For me it’s more that competing e-ink devices have increased expectations of document management and sync capability while maintaining a low-distraction state.


It’s a lot of little quality of life things in that transition:

  • They no longer find cover images for side loaded files.
  • They also remove any embedded cover images from the files
  • They broke sorting and filtering on side loaded files.
  • They no longer sync side loaded files or highlights.

Basically anything that isn’t bought from Amazon gets no features.

If I buy another ebook reader it’s going to be a Kobo. But first I need to get through the stacks of physical books.