The App you wish someone would make

A way to more easily and effectively manage Kindle Library (than currently possible on Amazon’s web site and on a Kindle machine).


I just looked at it. It does seem to handle Netflix but not Amazon Prime Video

I’m trying Agenda out for this now, and I think don’t think FileMaker will work, but I’ve yet to find the holy grail of student info tracking. Got a lot out of @craigmcclellan 's recent podcast episode on it though.

An all in one app.

File storage, task management, calendars, all in one app. Like Evernote for steroids.

Basically a Website?

I use timestamps like this (a20180825144949) with the help of TextExpander. With spotlight I search the system for that timestamp to find the thing I want to link to. This allows me to for example link a Reminder to a certain note in Apple Notes or link one note in my journal to another note in my journal. The best part is that I can put the timestamp anywhere in my note and when I search for it I get taken to the exact spot in the note. Plus, its just plain text and works on most modern OS’s. I wrote about it here: A clever way to link Notes and Files with TextExpander


I just reread your post, and I just wanted to understand a little more. You just take that timestamp minus the ‘a’ and place it wherever you’d want to be reminded to reference?

Where I want to go will have the “a” in front. When I want to point back to that file or note I’ll say search for (20180825194530) and leave the “a” out. When I search in spotlight I’ll add the “a” to the front of the stamp so that only the file I want to go will show up and not the files of where I came from.

So if I have a reminder about going to the doctors office and the directions are in Apple Notes I’ll have a time stamp in Apple Notes with the “a” in front (a20180825195005). Then in Apple Reminders I’ll say “search for 20180825195005 to get directions” and leave the “a” out. I’ll copy that time stamp and paste it into spotlight and add the “a” in front so that I only get the note in Apple Notes and not the Apple Reminders todo.

You don’t need to do this, I do it to avoid having the place I’m coming from showing up in Spotlight and cluttering it and making it harder to find where I need to go.

I hope this makes sense.


Since Apple ripped it out of iTunes: a way to see, move, install and uninstall all apps I’ve bought on the screens of my iOS devices.

And I’ll add: a web-view of the iTunes/Mac/iOS app stores too. (I sold my old iPad in anticipation of new models allegedly coming soon, and I realized to my disappointment that I’m not allowed to buy iPad-only apps from my iPhone or my Mac, making me miss a few sales.)

An app that can pull Apple mail links somehow to use wherever else.

I just want someone to remake the old Mac MINOTAUR game as an app.

Seriously, that game was awesome.

iMazing does all the app manipulation stuff you want. That’s what I bought it for,

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An app to keep track of books, those I already read and new books from authors I like.
I know about Goodreads and Anobii, beaut neither let me add older books that don’t have an ISBN, so there’s a limitation right there. For the “new releases” part I know about Fictfact, but that does not contain Italian authors. I would like a sort of Record Bird, but for books

Isn’t that what Delicious Library has done since 2004?

I would pay good money for a scanning app that would recognize handwriting (even okay level fo recognition). I have the iPad Pro with a pencil and use Good Notes or Notability but I really prefer to write in a notebook and scan.

Since Good Notes and Notability can recognize handwriting in the app it seems this is possible in theory - but I’ve yet to find a solution.

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Maybe Pen to Print?

Thanks, I will take a look. I was looking at Mac apps primarily but iOS works as well. One thing I did want is to export a combination of handwriting and images (diagrams etc). I was thinking a PDF that was OCRd but remained a PDF (that is the idea anyway).

Kevin, download this Automator workflow:

Place it in ~/Library/Services. If a Services folder doesn’t exist, create one.

Then go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> Services

You should see “Copy Mail URI” there, and you can set a keyboard shortcut to activate it.

Otherwise, when a message is highlighted in Mail, if you go to Mail -> Services, you’ll see an option for “Copy Mail URI”. That will put the message URL on your clipboard.


Awesome, thanks!

Know any ways to do this on iOS?

I really like Working Copy, but it only supports Git repos. I’d love a similar app that supports SVN repos.