The Focused Calendar

We’ve worked with the fine folks at NeuYear to create a custom Focused calendar for 2020:

It’s $29, and includes shipping in the U.S.

I’ve personally used a NeuYear calendar for the last several years, and I absolutely love the design.


@mikeschmitz I literally cheered out loud in my car when I heard you guys announce this! I am in. I too, have used these calendars for years.


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Great. Ordered and looking forward to using it in January.

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Thank you for creating! I kept wanting to order for next year. Glad I waited. Ordered your version! Thx for offering to us :smile:

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Shucks. I ordered my NeuYear 2020 calendar a few weeks too soon.

I am super keen on one of these but I live in South Africa, and shipping here can be problematic. Is there any chance I could purchase a PDF version?

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I don’t think so, but I’ll see

Great, thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

I ordered the calendar for a total of 46 USD delivered to Denmark, but unfortunately I have to return the calendar, or I have to reject the danish custom cost of 30 USD, which would bring the total cost for the calendar to 76 USD

The custom cost is 7 USD but the Danish Postal service charge is 23 USD for handling, so 30 USD + the 46 USD.

I will have to find a similar calendar in Denmark.

A couple of years ago I visited someone at home who’d found a file online which gave a similar-looking calendar - if I remember right he bought the file as a download for something like $3-5. He printed it across several pages, tape-assembled it, then put it on his wall covered by clear acetate which he wrote on with a marker. DIY-ugly but he loved it.

Thanks for the comment…

I was going to order, but starting the week on Monday is a deal-breaker.

In Europe that’s standard. It’s what I’m used to as well, and it saddens me when I see a nice monthly wall calendar maddeningly begin the week with a Sunday. There a reason it’s called the weekend you know. :wink:

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I’ve always viewed Sunday as the beginning of my week, probably because of the way the calendar is laid out.

I did as a kid too - it was the standard, and it became ingrained. But I got over it :upside_down_face: and found that it was much easier to organize my work week and my weekend by keeping each together. I think the strt of it was when I started using a Filofax system, whose weekly side-by-side pages kept the weekends together… just made sense.

If Sunday-first works for you it’ll never be a problem in the US, or in any app.

It is a problem in the Activities app, since that app can’t be switched to my preferred calendar view. It should use the Calendar app’s preference “Start Week On”.

Finally got around to checking this out, and ready to purchase… but- was surprised to see it’s a paper surface and not dry erase. I see on the main NeuYear site they have both paper and dry erase… I’m curious why paper was chosen? I personally prefer the dry erase, so if things change, can easily alter it. Do people feel there is more “commitment” when using ink on the calendar?

On the seventh day God had completed his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. Sunday sounds pretty much like the end of the week :slight_smile:

The main reason is that the paper required much less setup cost and this is the first year we’ve done it so we weren’t sure how many we’d sell. The other factor is that I used to be in the same camp and would have likewise told you that I much prefer dry erase, but the truth is that once I tried a paper version it didn’t change how I used my calendar. At all. I thought I’d miss the ability to change something, but in reality I didn’t.

So this one is a combination of not a ton gained with dry erase + significantly greater financial investment. But if this one does well, I’d love to offer a dry erase option next year!

Great- thanks for the quick response! In that case, I’ll go with your experience (and help support the cause as well!)-- thanks for doing it!-

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