The Focused Calendar

We’ve worked with the fine folks at NeuYear to create a custom Focused calendar for 2020:

It’s $29, and includes shipping in the U.S.

I’ve personally used a NeuYear calendar for the last several years, and I absolutely love the design.


@mikeschmitz I literally cheered out loud in my car when I heard you guys announce this! I am in. I too, have used these calendars for years.


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Great. Ordered and looking forward to using it in January.

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Thank you for creating! I kept wanting to order for next year. Glad I waited. Ordered your version! Thx for offering to us :smile:

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Shucks. I ordered my NeuYear 2020 calendar a few weeks too soon.

I am super keen on one of these but I live in South Africa, and shipping here can be problematic. Is there any chance I could purchase a PDF version?

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I don’t think so, but I’ll see

Great, thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

I ordered the calendar for a total of 46 USD delivered to Denmark, but unfortunately I have to return the calendar, or I have to reject the danish custom cost of 30 USD, which would bring the total cost for the calendar to 76 USD

The custom cost is 7 USD but the Danish Postal service charge is 23 USD for handling, so 30 USD + the 46 USD.

I will have to find a similar calendar in Denmark.

A couple of years ago I visited someone at home who’d found a file online which gave a similar-looking calendar - if I remember right he bought the file as a download for something like $3-5. He printed it across several pages, tape-assembled it, then put it on his wall covered by clear acetate which he wrote on with a marker. DIY-ugly but he loved it.

Thanks for the comment…