The new Logitech keyboard for 2018 iPad Pro - anyone pre-ordering?

Just over 2 weeks ago I upgraded my old Air 1 to a 2018 iPad Pro 12.9" - I bought the pencil and smart keyboard at the same time, but returned the keyboard (too-soft key action and lack of backlight both niggled given the cost)

I’ve noticed that Logitech have updated their keyboard case offering (although have dropped the smart connector along the way) so am considering ordering one ready for when they release (a few weeks away in the UK at least)

A couple of reviews have popped-up, although I’m assuming they are vloggers who got one free - anyone know anything about them yet, or pre-ordered one?

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For me, the smart connector and compact size of the Apple keyboard folio are the killer features, especially the smart connector. I’ve used a lot of bluetooth keyboards with a lot of iPads and I really hated the connection issues that I experienced with very nearly all of them.

In particular, the keyboards that would go into a sleep mode after a short time of no-use and required a key press to wake make for a (to me) terrible experience. I didn’t realize just how much it drove me nuts until I began using a smart connector keyboard and delighted in the fact that it was instantly responsive.

That being said, I do really, really miss backlit keys (really, Apple?) and some dedicated buttons, so I’m very curious to know how you end up liking the Logitech keyboard. Keep us posted!

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I just got the new iPad with the Smart Keyboard and enjoy using it. I had the same setup on my old iPad. I saw the announcement of the Logitech keyboard but when I read about the wt I moved away. I do not want to add any wt to my set up. I can deal with no backlit keys.

I think it really comes down to the extra function keys and the backlit keyboard tradeoff vs the extra weight. Well, the extra weight and more permanently attached case.

What I love about the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio is this:

  1. VERY easy to detach when I want to use the iPad without it
  2. I really love the keyboard experience… the feel and sound of the keys. I type a lot doing podcast transcripts so this is important for me.
  3. The weight and stability. It’s light and very stable, much more stable than the previous version. Very easy to use on the lap or anywhere else as a laptop would be.

The biggest misses would be the lack of the top row of special function keys and the lack of a backlight. But neither of these are important enough to trade off for the weight. I suspect the Logitech keyboard is going to be excellent, but it’s going to be a thick and heavy excellent.

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Yeah I was actually surprised at myself in not caring for the Apple unit - Id assumed it would be the quality option but the lack of backlight turns out to be troublesome in more lighting conditions than simply “pitch black” - not something I’d ever had to consider when using either an iPad on screen keyboard or MBP backlit one.

And yes, no volume (etc) keys turns out to be a drag when you’re operating in hands-on-keyboard mode.

I get that all of these things would mean compromises in other areas (size, weight, spill-friendliness etc) and don’t think the Apple unit should have more features- but it’s enough for me to pass.

I’ll see how I get on with the Logitech - if I don’t like that then a magic keyboard or similar it will be.

A long time ago I “pre-ordered” the Brydge, but haven’t receive it yet. They frequently send “we’re working on it, stand by” emails but never ship products.

Tired of waiting for that, I bought a Logitech K380 (no backlighting) which is a hardy and superb Bluetooth portable keyboard.

Because Brydge won’t refund my “pre-order”, if that keyboard ever arrives I’ll probably give it away.

I understand your frustration with the production timeline, but I feel that brydge has been pretty straightforward on their timeline (late April-Mid may). I’ve received regular updates, including a production schedule. While I’d love to have had it a month ago, I await it eagerly.

Currently I use the magic keyboard (no backlight) in a fintie case (like studio neat’s case for magic keyboard). I really like the feel of the magic keyboard, but the case makes lap typing an anxious affair. I’ve actually had less connection issues than I did with the original 12.9” Smart Keyboard. (Speaking of, if anyone needs one, I have the case sitting around and would send it to a happy home willing to pay for shipping… though the connection issues may persist. I do not have a 12.9” to test it on anymore). The magic keyboard will return to my Mac setup once the brydge arrives.

(Apologies if this sidetracked the original post—i.e. re: Logitech). Good luck with your keyboard quests everyone.

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When on the go (meetings etc.), I don’t need an external keyboard and have only a cheap and light BT keyboard for emergencies so my iPad is dressed in Moshi ( For longer writing I use a mechanical BT keyboard ( I consider Moshi the best non-keyboard cover available and a mechanical keyboard is just miles ahead of any other keyboard.

I preordered the new one for a 12.9” ipad pro because I loved the old one, especially the keyboard feel. I don’t know why, but the keyboard was the best I’d ever felt and a joy to use (yes, even compared to standalone keyboards). On more concrete note, the apple smart keyboard is missing a row of keys that the Logitech will have, including an Escape key.

The apple smart keyboard is good, very convenient to remove, nicely adjustable (though it won’t have the shallow drawing angle). The apple keyboard also has a solid feel and a tight fit (albeit with magnets) to the iPad. On the other hand, the Apple keys seem a little stiff to me, but perfectly usable (I don’t notice unless I think about it).

The lit keys on the Logitech will be nice, but really the Escape key is major advantage.

My previous logitech became brittle (aging) in the corners until, as a handme down, one of the corners actually broke off. So I hope the rubber corners of the new one will be durable, reliable, easier to remove, and longer lasting.

I am looking forward to the new Logitech… though the encumbrance (size and weight) will be a drawback.

I forgot to mention. The Apple keyboard also has connectivity problems even with the smart connector. It’s usually manageable (fixable) but definitely annoying. The old Logitech used the smart connector, so I have no idea whether the new one (bluetooth) will have issues.

Also, I forgot to mention the one flaw in the old Logitech (which I loved once I fixed it) is the play key in the top row. If you close the lid, and something pressed firmly on the lid, the play button could press. So then your ipad is playing (music or video) without you knowing it. ARGH! (If you think your environs are haunted with soft voices and mysterious murmurings… check your ipad + case!) Fortunately, I was able to fix this pretty much permanently with:

Assorted Furniture Felt Protector Pads… using just the tiny ones (7/16”)… sliced in half to provide bookends (protectors) for the PLAY key. Problem solved. I see that I shall have to repeat that process to “fix” the new Logitech as well.

Other than that, the keyboard was very capable, pleasant, reliable, and… powerful (if a keyboard can be powerful!-)

I don’t understand the need for backlit keys. I rarely look at the keyboard after my hands are in place. Do you all actually use it?

I’d say it’s a given that yes, those that say they want backlit keys probably use them. I get by without them but would prefer to have them. Why? Well, I type with no problem on the primary keys but I, to this day, still have issues with the number row, both numbers and the alternate symbols. If I just reach and type I’m often correct but I have the most errors with that row.


Most of my keyboards are not backlit (aside from the built-in one on my old MacBook Pro). I agree if I’m typing some text, once my hands are on the home row a backlight wouldn’t really help. However, I use the keyboard for more than just typing longer strings of text. The times when I do think a backlit keyboard would be useful are primarily those when I just need to hit a few keys: a keyboard shortcut, something in the function row, etc.

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Cool. Didn’t know if it was for aesthetics or functional. I may be biased, I use Dvorak, so it doesn’t help me much to see the keyboard.

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Ah, cool, I use Dvorak too!

It helps at night. I do not need a strong light source and it looks nice and calming :slight_smile:

I can touch type English, but not python, javascript, C(++), and so on, so backlit keys are nice when I’m working in a dark(ish) environment, such as on a plane in the evening.

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Similarly, backlit isn’t a must for me, but it would be nice to have when I’m searching for the volume keys in the dark.

I use backlit keys. …know the number row and symbols. But on fatigue days when my typing flow is broken my finger brain can lock up. My Logitech K811 has an escape/function key row that I don’t know well.

I am satisfied with the K811 with a Hermit Shell case. When I upgrade my 10.5 in a couple years I may buy/try a case keyboard combination. I will, however, also use my K811 because of flexible placement.

I don’t give a rip about lap typing. I rarely fly anymore. I use the glass keyboard when I don’t have some type of table. My Zugu case helps prop the iPad in appropriate positions.

I definitely appreciate backlit keys even though I’m a touch typist. Why? I use my iPad for a large variety of tasks, not all of which involve typing. So when I need to type a CMD shortcut, or fill in a form, or any other quick typing while dark, I definitely appreciate being able to situate my hands correctly.

In other words it’s important to avoid the dreaded (e.g., Safari) CMD-W (tab close) instead of intended CMD-R (tab redraw), for example.

… Other News
Logitech is now shipping the new keyboard cases. It should arrive in a about a week (west coast; South East should be sooner.)

Freakish coincidence…

And now that my Logitech Slim Folio Pro has shipped (but not arrived), my Apple Smart Keyboard is acting up… repeating keys like a ghost is typing. Now I can hardly wait for the Slim Folio Pro!

EDIT: NOPE! Software issue of some sort. Same thing happened with new keyboard!