Thinking about a desk shelf

Is the GroveMade desk shelf really all that? The price seems to be up to $240 (although I think they will offer 10% off a first-time purchase, but tha’st still $216) for the plywood version, which I suspect is sufficient vs the even more expensive solid wood version.

There are many alternatives online, at a variety of prices from much cheaper to even more expensive. I’m not an expert woodworker, so while I could in theory make my own, the reality is that the time cost for me to do so would exceed the cost savings after material purchase compared to purchasing one.

The GroveMade is about the best looking one based on a not very complete surfing of the web to look at different choices. Is it really that good, or do I get a less stylish but much less expensive alternative?

My monitor shelf is a 2x12 on a set of IKEA CAPITA Legs.

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It’s a different setup than what GroveMade offers, but I picked up a Raise 24" by Fluidstance last year which can handle a single monitor and elevates it to a decent height for my use case. I’ve been really happy with it.

It too is a bit high in price but it is really sturdy in build and in the quality of the materials. I kept going back and forth on whether to buy something cheaper but every time I almost ordered a really cheap desk shelf off of Amazon instead, I kept imagining the shelf suddenly collapsing and my monitor crashing onto my laptop and any other device on my desk. Maybe it’s an odd fear but I’ve had a lot of cheap stuff break over the years and try to avoid that in my life these days, it’s just not worth the hassle. The peace of mind knowing this will hold together for years to come has been worth that in itself.

I have used the Capita legs, as well as shorter ones from Home Depot, and a nice piece of stained wood. Also from Home Depot, but you could get this sort of thing from anywhere.

I am incompetent with this sort of thing, but if you wanted a DIY solution and you have even some basic Ikea equipment around, this is a very easy project.

But there’s something to be said for just buying something very nice, since the super nice aesthetics of the GroveMade (as per your example) will go a long way. If that’s where the value lies, then you’re really paying for the aesthetics. I think saved time, given that you could complete this project in under an hour, isn’t necessarily the best way to qualify your investment.

Good thoughts; thanks all.

I may well have a look at the Ikea legs and some wood from Home Depot.

Insofar as time spent, yes it would take and hour if I just put a board on the legs, but to produce a finished product would take much longer…sanding, routing the edges, staining…Hence the value of a finished product like the GroveMade.

It’s beautiful and functional. Everything I’ve bought from Grovemade is top quality. I now have a Apple Studio Display that looks even better with this setup.


That does look sharp. @nlippman you should buy this for sure.

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It comes in maple wood also. I’m partial to the walnut. Either way it’s gorgeous.

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I have a similar setup, works great

It does have a much nicer appearance than many of the alternatives. I like the new shelf with cable management as well.

I spent a bunch of time looking for Grovemade alternatives and ultimately gave up. This was a buy once-cry once situation for me. I’m very happy with it. That said, there is a huge opportunity here for folks to make less expensive equally nice shelves.


This isn’t fancy, but my wife got one and I think she likes it. Less than $40 on Amazon, has a couple drawers for easy storage of handy items.



very nice setup @ptgn123 . You appear to be a huge Grovemade fan. Understandably so, their products are great. I am yet to pull the trigger myself. Also, it seems you get natural light which is fantastic.

Btw, does the Sonos move cable bother you. Being right in front of me, it most certaintly will bother me. Since the move rechargeable, you can easily place the charger elsewhere… just a thought. At the end of the day, your setup should work for you and not me lol

A general comment on shelves… I find the more you have the more things you find the need to fill them with. That results in a lot of stuff and a lot of stuff that attracts dusts. In recent times, I am trying to get rid of things that attract dust - for example streamling my Home Networking Setup


The cable doesn’t really bother me. I actually don’t really see it when I’m looking at the monitor.

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@ptgn123 You are doing a good job selling me on the GroveMade with that picture.

@MacSparky Yes, I agree. Buy once. Given the length of time I am likely to use this for, the per year cost is easily justifiable.

I did find a similar product on Amazon, down to the beveled edges and cork supports. Some reviews were good, but a there were plenty decrying the cheap construction. You do get what you pay for.

They now actually seek it with a full walnut top not just the plywood version. Everything they make is well made and beautiful.

And there is is; money spent. Ordered the maple plywood version. It seemed the plywood would be satisfactory and the solid wood not necessary. It will match my (now 30 years old) desk in color well, and I preferred the lighter color cork supports in the picture. I also like the new full-width shelf rather than the partial width shelf in the earlier version. My wife liked it, so that pretty much sealed the deal.


Congrats. I truly hope you love it.

Thanks! Looking forward to getting it.

Buy nice or buy twice I say.