Throwing Good Money after Bad?

My wife has an old MBP with the following specs:

MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
Processor 3.1 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7
Memory 16 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
Startup Disk Macintosh HD, 500GB Flash
Graphics Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB

Recently, my wife’s MBP’s keyboard has not been functioning correctly and when she fills in online forms, each time she fills in a field, the computer scrolls to the top of the page. She must scroll back down and complete another field. Each time the browser scrolls to the top. Additionally, periodically the spacebar does not work.

I reinstalled the OS (Monterey) but the problems persist. I’m taking the laptop to the Genius Bar today. I’m anticipating a cost of $200+.

I realize this is subjective based on personal preferences and financial wherewithal but would you spend $200+ on such an old MBP or upgrade to the new M2 MBAir? My wife does a lot of, manages several FB groups, manages household finances, shops online, handles email, and does general web browsing. Nothing complex or system intense. She doesn’t need an M2 but if I purchase a new computer for her, I might as well get the latest given that she will keep it for at least five years.

So, would you spend $200+ to repair a 2015 MBP or would you bite the bullet and buy a new laptop?

I just run your specs on one of the many websites, where you can sell your equipment, and it returns for a MBP in “Good” condition and fully working, a price they would spent on that of 247$.

If money matters to you, the 2015 MBP is a nice machine, and capable of what you described for an other couple of years.
If money does not matter, I would go for a new one, and have a happy wife at home, that could do all the things she is doing with a MacBook a little faster, than before… :wink:

I myself wouldn’t put more money into such an old machine. Although $200 is a much lower number than the money you would put into a new one, you’ll get a lot more mileage out of said funds into something newer.
Is the M1 less expensive than the M2 these days? I would do the financial comparison to that device and them decide if you should invest more in the M2.

Those problems sound like it could be a swelling battery. Usually that means trackpad symptoms, but the scrolling problem might be related to trackpad. Or, it could be that the keyboard is failing, which is a more expensive fix.

Unless there’s some software that requires Intel CPU or an old operating system, I counsel my clients to retire a 7-year-old Mac with hardware issues. Put that money towards a new computer that will last you another seven years. (Unless, of course, it’s completely out of their budget.)

My recommendation is to buy an M1 or M2 MacBook Air. There are some M1 MBAirs available on Apple’s Refurb page.

Your wife isn’t likely to really notice the difference between M1 and M2, but if she likes MagSafe, get the M2.

How much of her 500 GB storage is full? That will be your biggest upgrade cost. Make sure she doesn’t grow out of the storage too quickly. Managing a computer with not enough storage is annoying, especially if it’s a laptop.


Thanks for the thoughtful and helpful reply. I should know in about two hours what the cost will be to repair the existing laptop. I am inclined, if the repair cost is much north of $200, to replace it.

After seven years, I’d upgrade.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Of course, that is coming from someone with the user name “ibuys”. :slight_smile:

Although I agree, go new.

Good luck whatever you decide.


Thanks everyone for the good input, I should know within a couple of hours what I need to do. I’m blessed to be able to afford a new laptop but I hesitate to spend the money right now as I just purchased a rather expensive puppy to replace our 12 year old dog that died suddenly while boarding at the vet when we were on vacation. But, it’s only money, right? :wink:


How long do you expect her to keep this laptop?

If it’s still capable for her, I’d spent up to $200 and get it repaired. It should get software updates for that long.

Then when it no longer is fast enough or software support stops for MacOS on it, I would upgrade.

I doubt it’s only going to cost $200 though. Doesn’t that have a butterfly keyboard?

We’re probably keep it for at least 5 to 7 years, yes it meets her needs, and I honestly don’t know what type of keyboard it has. How does one find out?

Wikipedia says the butterfly keyboard arrived in 2016.

Well, that means that a late spring 2015 MBP is probably not a butterfly keyboard.

Lol, yep, blame Ellis Island and renaming my immigrant ancestors. My last name is literally “Buys”. :man_shrugging:t2:


Aw… I’m sorry to hear about that. Losing a dog can be traumatic.

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I think that’s pretty cool. I once had a banker whose last name was Cash. I never could get much money out of him though! :joy:


My bad

20 characters, it may be less than $200 if it’s only the keyboard.

OK, I’m off to the Apple Store with my Apple Card buried deeply in my pocket and my wife looking at me with suspicion. :joy:


She’s really going to enjoy her new M2. :grinning:

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So what color did you get? :slight_smile: