Tim Ferriss recommended this Apple Video on MBP

It is insanely funny. I have spent $100.00’s of dollars on these dongles. Left one HDMI dongle somewhere there goes another $80.00. I forgot my Power Adapter on another trip and had to buy another one and good thing I asked because the Power Adapter does not include the USB C cable. They did away with the Mag-Lite power connector that I thought was genius. All this under the guise of making a thinner laptop. I think Apple needs intervention for this anorexia mentality. Having all these dongles hanging off all the sides of the computer makes it looks like an octopus


Great version!
I always wondered what the original conversation is about - for anybody interested you can find it here

Paid $107 for a charger and cable for my GF. Probably costs $5 to make. It’s a little ridiculous.

@JohnAtl probably more COGS than that, but agreed way over price.

Actually I had two Power Adapters go bad in the past so reliability not that great.

I would like to see breakthrough tech whereas the charger is not so HUGE as to not be able to fit into any cool thin case.

I will stick by my $5 estimate. Here’s a 60W charger on Aliexpress for $18, and I would imagine a couple of companies (manufacturers, distributors) have made a profit from it before being sold here.