Time Tracking App Integration for OmniFocus?

Hello. I’m currently an Asana + Harvest user running a client service business in the Photography & Design sector considering switching Task Managers, perhaps jumping to OmniFocus. Time tracking is critical to my business as is a pro-level task manager. A big reason I went with Asana is because it offers very robust Harvest integration so I can record detailed time right from my Asana tasks, which are very well managed with Asana’s robust toolset. Honestly Asana offers much more task management than I need. The things I don’t like about Asana are numerous: Cost, web-centered design, prohibition of deeplinks, too much team overhead (I mostly work solo).
I would consider switching time tracking providers if OmniFocus would integrate meaningfully with one of them. Meaningful to me: Be able to record time via an in-app button in OmniFocus that would record: Job Number, Client, Task Type & Comment as entered into OmfiFocust tasks. Some of my work is billed hourly. Some of my work is billed to a scope of work. In each case, it’s important to know how much time goes to each project/client.
Any ideas?

I´m not sure, if Omnifocus could work that way!?
Omnifocus, as far as I understand, is a Task Manager in a GTD-Style who helps you to plan what to do, and when you are doing it. And to split larger projects into single task.
If never seen it as a journal to record what you actually did.
It is more an app, that is looking into the future, and not so much in the past.
While it might be possible to get it also working in the way, you are looking for, wouldn’t it be better, to use a “real” time tracking app, like Timery or Timing, to record your times independent of a Task Manager?
There was a recent episode of MPU #637 Digging Deep on Tracking Time regarding the usage of those apps.

I made a plug-in for OmniFocus to start and stop Toggl timers GitHub - lizard-heart/omni-focus-start-toggl-timer: OmniFocus plugin to automatically start Toggl timers based on projects and tags


Very interesting, could this be modified, to work with Timery too?

Well timery is just a frontend for Toggl so it kind of already does?

Thanks for this! I’ll give it a try. I’ve looked into Toggl previously, but didn’t find it compelling enough to ditch Harvest. But if I can ditch Harvest & Asana, replacing with Toggl + OmniFocus + Plugin that would be a significant savings in my software budget.

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Yeah, my fault!
I don´t know why, but I was thinking about “Timing”, wanted to write “Timing” and had “Timery” there on the next morning… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So, I try to ask again, would it be possible to get this working with “Timing”, too?

I have a real time tracking app already: Harvest. It offers all the granular tools I need to track time to specific projects & project stages so I can bill my clients accurately and know if I’m making or losing money per project. The reason I need them integrated is so that I only have to drill deep into one app, the Task Manager, to find my specific project, and any time I record can be automatically filed, tagged & noted without having to do a corresponding drill down into my time manager to bill my time accurately. The problem is, Harvest only offers native integrations with the big web-based project management systems like Asana & Basecamp. I need to look elsewhere for time tracking that will integrate into OmniFocus.

Unless someone knows otherwise.

Ah ok. I don’t know if timing has an api so it wouldn’t be possible

I believe Timing does have an API: API Reference. But I’m afraid that’s the extent of my knowledge here. :slight_smile:

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Oh interesting. OK, I guess it would definitely be possible to convert the plug-in to work with Timing. I don’t use timing so it’s not my first priority at the moment.