To-do app with Reminder alarm

I’ve been using Things for years, and love it. However, I don’t look at it everyday because my life just isn’t always what busy. I like the idea of Apple’s Reminders for little things, especially since I can attach a reminder with an alarm As well as location based reminders, but one of my computers is still in Mojave (and I don’t plan I’m changing it anytime soon), while the other is on Catalina, with the iOS devices being on 13.3.x, thus it appears that I can no longer create Reminders.

To that end, I’m looking for other To-Do app suggestions, that may suit my needs.

I use a to-do app (Todoist) in conjunction with Due, which offers great noisy, persistent, repeatable notifications. I have reminders set to automatically pass Siri-created reminders to Due. So if you’re otherwise happy with Things then take a look at Due, which has iOS and Mac apps which sync.

A couple of previous discussions about the app:

I use Todoist, it has alarms. I also like the ability to forward an email to a todoist email address and then it appears in the app.

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I use Things for todo management and Due for reminders. This works well for me.

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