Tweetbot 6 for Twitter

Tweetbot 6 for Twitter is out!

Version 6 is built on Twitter’s V2 API which includes features like the ability to view Twitter polls, cards, and more tweet data.

(but I’m afraid I know what most discussion will be about)


It’s a subscription model but a pretty cheap one, not much new and feels initially like not much of an improvement or a reason to part with money.

I may subscribe if something fan gets added but not at the moment

Not a Twitter user anymore but that’s a particularly reasonable subscription model. People who want power features will love it, others can use the free official client. All good :+1:

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I’ve used Tweetbot for many years and paid them relatively little over that time.

It was an instasubscribe for me. I hate the official Twitter app.


Used tweetbot always but switched to the native Twitter app recently. Don’t think I’m goin back although it looks very pretty. But I detest subscriptions so really a no deal for me.

I really do miss timeline synchronisation in the native Twitter app. Its really annoying that it’s not a thing in that app. I don’t understand why that’s the case

I’m worried that in return for the new API use, that tweetbot might have to use the official twitter feed, and or show the twitter ads.

Twitter ads wouldn’t be a never get over, but twitter feed instead of just showing all the tweets in order would definitely be a never get over.

The only thing I personally miss in tweetbot 5 compared to full twitter is twitter polls. It would be super simple for me to just stay on 5 for a long time.

The native Twitter app does have an option to show a chronological timeline. That’s what I use at least

I read on Twitter tonight that disliking the ads in the native Twitter app would make them go away for good. Don’t know if it’s true.

I really do miss synchronisation in the native Twitter app though. Very annoying that one’ timeline doesn’t sync between devices

Screenshot on MacStories advertises no ads, and chronological timeline. so I think they will be getting my six bucks.


But chronological timeline is also available in Twitter app

Plus alllll the celebrity and sports news you can ask for whenever you try to search for something. Plus ridiculous amounts of “This person you followed replied to this other person’s tweet/liked this tweet so you must want to see it too.”

The default Twitter app’s desperation to deliver inane content to my eyeballs has seriously driven me away from Twitter since the first API was deprecated. So excited to (hopefully) escape the algorithm!

Edit: my god, it’s full of stars people I actually know and care about


I’m not aiming this at you specifically, but I’ve seen a number of people say this (including in places like MacStories) and I think it’s a little much to use it as a basis of choice.

Here are my receipts (in NZD) for various versions of Tweetbot for iOS/iPadOS…

Apr 2011 – iPhone v1 – 2.59
Feb 2012 – iPad v1 – 4.19
Oct 2015 – iPhone/iPad v4 – 6.49
Oct 2018 – iPhone/iPad v5 (IAP) – 4.49

Clearly I skipped v2 and v3 but as far as I know it has never stopped working (I did spend some time trying out alternatives in that v2-v3 timeframe). So this app has been kept alive (despite Twitter’s machinations) for 10 years for basically sod all and with a long period of “when will it die” thinking. I’m incredibly thankful they (just two guys in Texas) kept this available and working on every OS release that came out.

If it’s not of value to pay for the upkeep of this app all well and good, but to ask for “more new features” to shell out another 11 bucks seems … small.

I have highlighted the key word there. You can pick it, but it doesn’t stick. It’s not a feature so much as a feature point.

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I love Tweetbot and so downloaded the new app and signed up for the subscription right away. The subscription is priced so reasonably that, for once, I am glad to see an app/service I use go this route! I wish more developers would take a page out of Tapbots’s book and price their subs accordingly. I am glad that I get to support the continued development of one of my most used apps and I am sure the developer benefits by having significantly larger, paying subscriber base at this price than a handful of subscribers at a much higher price. This is a stark and welcome contrast to subscription pricing seen on apps like Fantastical ($40/year!)

Here are links to the coverage on The Verge and on MacStories.

I’m not sure why we should be so grateful for the developers. Obviously the app is kept alive because it has always been profitable. It’s an insanely popular app among Twitter users. Objectively no one should just throw away money at them unless you feel like a charity.

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Tweetbot 5 will be withdrawn from the App Store within 30 days:

Which was commented by Michael Tsai with:

This is weird, though. Tapbots is trying to do the right thing by letting people keep using the old app, but Apple won’t let them fix any bugs that crop up?

Weird indeed.

Has anyone noticed the slightly altered design? Apparently all icons are rounder and thinner. The new default theme “future light” has even less contrast than before. I have always wanted a “high contrast light” option like in Twitterrific, but they’re going the opposite way. Not a fan of these changes as they’re actually taxing on my eyes though it might look pretty at first.


Yes, I noticed that. You can change the theme from “Future Light” to “Light” which seems to be more in line with the previous design, but you probably are aware of that. I went with “Light” for the same reason: more contrast.

It feels weird that there is a High Contrast Dark Theme but no High Contrast Light Theme.


What’s with this current trend for less contrast everywhere? What’s wrong with good solid #000000 on whatever light background you use? Airmail does this too, and I don’t even find this pretty.

That’s because they expect you to use the algorithm rather than having your tweets in order

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NEVER used nothing else than the chronological order. I don’t understand why anyone would either. Except to save time of course

Well sometimes if I’m not reading twitter for a few days, I wouldn’t want to read everything in chronological order. That’s when I go to the website to see their recommended tweets.

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