Ulysses 20 released

Big update to Ulysses is out. A new dashboard, a new navigator, and an integrated grammar and style check (on Mac). Blog post about it:

And here’s a good overview from MacStories that looks at the app on iOS and macOS:

Old Attachment bar vs. new Dashboard:


Saw that today, works also in iPadOS 14!

Yes, sorry I wasn’t clear, most features are cross-platform.

Don’t forget the free update on Setapp!


Ulysses looking good! I’ve been heavily invested in Scrivener 2/3 over the past several years — so cannot really justify jumping over to Ulysses. But that doesn’t stop me from looking — and goodness knows, it is tempting. Must. Resist. :slight_smile:

No, I meant Ulysses also runs in iPadOS 14, at all. Was crashing on me as soon as I started this until the update.

I spent some time with Ulysses 20 for Mac and iPad earlier today and am VERY impressed.

They’ve added some significant amount of new functionality while somehow making the app feel simpler and more streamlined.

A few specific comments:

  • The Dashboard is particularly well thought out. I like that the Overview tab is so customizable on the Mac. These customizations would be nice to have on iPad as well, though are not essential.
  • I’m already making good use of the Outline Navigator. It’s very useful in its current form and it would be even better if it were possible to re-order elements from within the Outline (Ulysses 21 perhaps?).
  • The Grammar and Style Check (Mac) is a welcome addition. I look forward to having this feature on the iPad as well. I’ll continue to use Grammarly for the foreseeable (e.g. for a final check before posting on WordPress).

The one feature that I’d still like to see is support for checklists. When writing, for example, a blog post, I often make a list of points that I want to cover. It would be nice to be able to check these things off as I complete my writing, perhaps with a visual indication of how many more items are left on the list.


FYI Shawn Blanc of The Sweet Setup announced:

Tommorrow (Wednesday 15 July) I’m hosting a webinar to talk about all the ways I use Ulysses to keep my ideas (mostly) organized.

I’ll be sharing some easy ways you can make the writing process easier and more productive on yourself. And I’ll be sharing some simple suggestions for how to organize all your ideas, and notes, and writing, etc.

RSVP here so we can send you the link to the live room.

I am busy tomorrow so I didn’t RSVP, but I assume it’s free…


I really like being able to keep the statistics open while I edit text, without having to toggle the smaller window, tear it and position it. Sounds like it’s time for a keyboard shortcut to go in “edit” view, haha!

The grammar checker?! Isn’t that Mac only. Darn I think.

The grammar checker?! Isn’t that Mac only. Darn I think.

It’s Mac only, for now at least. I expect they’ll bring it to the iPhone and iPad at some point, but I’m not sure if they’ve made a commitment to if and when.

They are working on it for the fall


I really wish you had not posted that; now I’m once again reconsidering Ulysses. I think I hear a beautiful enticing song from somewhere … :slight_smile:


The Sweet Setup has revamped their Learn Ulysses course for this new version, and will make it available tomorrow. Previous purchasers will be able to get the updated instructional videos/material for free, and TSS eliminated the old pricing tiers, so if you only had purchased the intro-series of videos you now have access to everything at no additional charge.

The update will officially be announced tomorrow for $99 but they announced at the end of today’s online seminar that today only the course is reduced for new purchasers for the reduced price of $69 at this link.

General info on the course here, with the update info to be posted tomorrow:

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Thanks for the information. I was able to attend the webinar today. It was just OK. But, have you had experience with their courses and do you find them worthwhile?

The seminar was not too helpful for me. Too much time I think was spent on telling people to set themselves up for next-step productivity… then repeating the message.

I really expected it to be more Ulysses-focused than it was, assumed we’d see a teaser-video showing off the updated Ulysses course, and was surprised when they didn’t even show an outline for it.

The two Sweet Setup courses I previously purchased, for Ulysses and for Day One, were worth it to me, and they can move someone quickly from absolute beginner. I wouldn’t say that they offer anything you couldn’t pick up on your own by diligently reviewing the manuals and experimenting, but it got me more proficient faster.

A quick search shows I bought the Ulysses (Pro-level) course in 2017, but I believe I may have purchased the original basic-level course earlier. At any rate, there’re no more basic/pro distinction or pricing tiers.

It’s been at least a year or two since I’ve looked at their instructional material, but with the update to the videos focusing on Ulysses v.20 I intend to return and re-watch everything in the near future.

I was disappointed too. Not that it’s unreasonable the course promotion took up space. Hey I have used the Ulysses course. Satisfied with the original rendition I’ll do it again with the new version… hoping for a few,”Oh yes” nods of satisfaction. I bought the course when it first come to the market. Got my money’s worth. They are running a few dollars off special. $79 US and I believe the goes up later.

Table of contents page

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This is an excellent update. Been beta testing it for a few weeks now.

I do not know what it is about apps like this where I just really adore and enjoy using them.

I bounce between Ulysses and iA Writer. Something about typing text in these apps is pure joy to me.


Same here, not sure why really, there is some design magic at work here. It is very smooth, but that is hardly a deep analysis, haha.

Also here. I’ve always enjoyed using Ulysses. The design still feels fresh and different, and well considered since nothing about Ulysses gets in the way or seems extraneous.

And I like butterflies :butterfly: