Ulysses (finally!) introduces support for tables

Ulysses 27 is out — and it finally introduces support for tables!

The complete list of features when working with tables is in the release notes:

I tried importing a couple of Word documents that include tables, and it worked nicely.


That is awesome!! Also, Craft just added Focus mode.

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I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t figure out how to create a table. Any help will be appreciated; I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long-time. Thanks!

It’s in the Markup menu, in the same section with Link, Image, Video, and Footnote. You can also get there by using (tbl) in the editor.

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Yeah, the clue is in the release notes :slight_smile:


  • Tables
  • (tbl)
  • Ok, seriously: Tables! TABLES!!! It took some time, but Ulysses now features full table support on all devices. Create, edit, import, export, publish, you name it. Tables are easy to use and nice to look at. Like… really nice. Beautiful even. We believe this matters.
  • Just remember: || Don’t | use tables | when | a list will suffice ||
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I thought it might be in the release notes but I can’t get it to work. Sorry to be a Goober but I’m obviously missing something.

Are you sure you updated? Perhaps have a look in the paragraph formatting menu?

Your Ulysses sheet must be using MarkdownXL to get the tables feature. It won’t work in basic Markdown and a few other flavors.

Let’s see. Tap on the ellipses icon at the top right of the screen (three dots inside a circle). Then tap on editor settings and change to Markdown XL. This will convert the current sheet from whatever markdown flavor you previously used to Markdown XL.

Then go to the on screen keyboard at the bottom and tap on the button with 4 horizontal lines. You’ll see the table markup button in there.


@Wilson_Ng That was it!! Somehow, and I have no idea how, the editor was set to Citation markdown. It is working great now. Thanks!!

Maybe I’m just too blind to see it, but shouldn’t be there a kind of an “Update-Button” within the menu of Ulysses on the Mac?

There isn’t one. I always update from the App Store app.

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Sometimes, app update won’t show up in the Update section of MAS. You can search for the app in the store and the button will change from Open to Update.

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This is a really awesome implementation of tables. I really cannot write in any other app than Ulysses, I’ve tried all the alternatives but always end up coming back. Now, it’s even more appealing as this is the only implementation of tables in Markdown that I find pleasant to use.


Same here. Because I dislike subscriptions I’ve tried Scrivener, iA Writer, Obsidian and Craft. I even tried just using Pages but I always come back to Ulysses. I’ve begrudging accepted the fact that it is worth the subscription. The table implementation is far better than even Crafts. Ulysses offers a lot of value for the money, the addition of tables being the most recent example of value added.


Maybe this will help with the subscription: if you provide evidence that you are working at an educational institution Ulysses only charges $11.99 every six months. This works for me as faculty as well as for students, I send a photo of my faculty ID and you can renew as long as it’s valid :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! As you may know, I’m the head of a private school and I teach as an adjunct professor. I’ll see if I can get that discount. I owe you one!

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I also avoid subscriptions, but it’s a steal given the amount of use I make of it (several times a week) and I’m sure I can now do even more with the fantastic table support which makes reports and minutes so much easier. It’s the one thing that made me keep an eye on Craft. The export functionality in different formats depending on my need is superb.

$50 a year = $4 a month approx - which compared to the cost of my time is negligible. I currently have the half price educational discount - get it if you can - but will have no problem renewing. I want Ulysses to have a good business model!

Utilities and random apps I use once in a while… subscription value not so much.

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[quote=“nationalinterest, post:18, topic:29571”]

$50 a year = $4 a month approx - which compared to the cost of my time is negligible.

@nationalinterest, you must get paid more than I am. :joy:

but will have no problem renewing. I want Ulysses to have a good business model!

I agree. This is one of two apps for which I’m willing to subscribe, the other being 1Password, to support a superb product and the developer. I consider this an investment more than an expense.


I doubt it… but it’s less than I spend on pens and paper notebooks :joy: :joy: :joy:


EASY NOW – you’re both the same amount of broke – no need to one-down, I mean one-up each other.
:dollar: :moneybag: :part_alternation_mark:

i’m rich :money_mouth_face: so i subscribe to a few of the writing apps because it’s pretty evident hard work is put into them. You can tell the heart and soul apps from the others if you’re hanging around places like this for fun. :nerd_face: :nerd_face:

Scrivener is one of those and an app masterpiece but I don’t think I’m smart enough to use it effectively but maybe someday. Ulysses is also one of those, but less Mensa and online IQ tests to operate :man_astronaut:t4: :mage:t4:. Also Bear, but I do more screenwriting and novel type stuff and Bear seems to be more for other text based work, but it’s just an app that oozes sweat and hard work so I subscribe for support.

i’ve bought most of the one-time purchase apps to try but don’t use them often enough to even give an opinion.

when the subscription model seemed to be the future I was one of those, “this is the worth thing to ever happen I didnt know the nazis won the war. i can’t even. :massage_man:t4:” types but over the last 2-3 years and seeing the hard work that is put into some of them I’ve warmed up to it. I go annual every time and it’s made it less of an issue to me. If an app doesn’t have an annual plan for a discount over monthly, I don’t bother.

i use the same mindset with a lot of non-writing apps too and some deserve it; most don’t.

not many apps are worth a subscription and a lot of them are straight up heists, so to all those people and teams working to make a good app and not just a dollar, we see you. :fist:t4: