Undock Alternatives

Hey MPU Fam,
A few years ago I learned about the app UnDock from MPU I believe. It’s been a useful app since at any time I may have 4-5 drives attached to my computer, but as OS systems have upgraded and grown, the app hasn’t kept up. It no longer remains launched and active and I have to open the app every time I need to undock…
Do any of you have quick/easy alternatives to eject external drives? I have my MPB plugged into a doc most days, but at least 3 times a week disconnect it and take it to work, sometimes disconnecting to use it as an actual laptop somewhere else in the house.
I’ve appreciated UnDock, but am also sure there has to be another option and who better to ask than this wonderful family?

I used Jettison for a while.

Clean My Drive has similar functionality, and it’s free.

These may be relevant for @margaretamartin too, as they have an auto eject function, and she mentioned having to wait for her Time Machine drive to eject

I stopped using Jettison a long time ago — can’t remember why! Thanks for the reminder.

What I really need is for the computer to sleep after the external drives are fully ejected/unmounted. If the screen shuts off first, I won’t know if it’s safe to disconnect the external monitor. I’ll look into Jettison & see if it’ll work.

I have never used unDock. But from what I understand it helps you Eject all drives. If this is the case then Raycast has this option built in. I believe you can add it to Alfred or any launcher app you use through AppleScript.

I use Mountain to manage external drives


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I just use the “eject all” command in Alfred. I don’t recall that I needed to do anything special to set it up.

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