Updated forum rules

Just a quick note that we’ve updated the forum rules to codify how we’ve been operating in not allowing “For Sale” posts:



I gather this is a result of the RV for sale post that was closed earlier today. That was one very high tech RV. Very interesting.

I am in different to whether “for sale” posts are allowed or not. However, how do you reconcile that a MPU forum member cannot sell things on this forum but the forum moderators can (I am referring to the Apple Historical Calendar). Again, just curious, I am in different either way. perhaps, this is one of those perks of running your own forum :slight_smile:



There are costs associated with running this forum (for our benefit). I’m fine with our hosts defraying some of the these costs by offering items for sale which we can buy or not buy of our own free will.


Do as I say, not as I do :rofl:

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I agree. I am also fine with it. The lawyer in me tends to pick up things that don’t reconcile :slight_smile:


Ha this reminds me when I was a teacher. I had a hard and fast rule of no sharing YouTube links in the chat. Why? We can all guess. But me, I can share any YouTube link I want. Mostly because I know what is being shared va the riff raff who are looking for a quick laugh.

What’s the position on “I am looking for…” posts?

Perhaps a distinction can be made between first party sales, (apps, calendars, and the like), and classified ad type second party sales.

Weighing in to add support to @ismh and @MacSparky’s decision. They have created a bright spot on the internet for a reason, and I trust their instincts on how to keep this place that way.


Exactly. I get where everybody is coming from, but I do not think that this discussion will lead to anywhere.

Everything is fine with me. One of us posted a link to a personal Ebay offer thinking it might be of interest to the MPU community (fine with me). The decision was made to make it clear that this is not something that is being encouraged (fine with me). And now, we should be able to keep our happy place (yay!). :slight_smile:

About 10 years ago, I was one of the “webmasters” running a forum with about 15,000 users. If there is one thing I have learned during that time: there is nothing you can do that makes everybody happy. But there is a lot you can do somebody may have an issue with. And no, I do not see a solution. And yes, I would have “codified” the same rule regarding “For Sale” posts because I see the potential where this could lead in the long run. :slight_smile: