Updates to MacSparky Field Guides

I’ve been meaning to check out the MacSparky Field Guides and recently got my hands on 60 Mac Tips, Volume 2 (after some teething troubles documented here.) I am also interested in the Email, Paperless and Markdown Field Guides and was wondering if they still hold up given that it’s been 5-6 years since they were released. @MacSparky, are you planning on releasing new ones/updating them? Thanks!

PS - David, I am posting this here instead of sending you an email as I think it would be of interest to other members of the MPU community. I would also like to request you to make the Field Guides available in the Indian iBooks Store. I’m thinking of switching countries on my account since moving back home and am disappointed to not see them there!

I am very sure I heard in a recent episode that he is looking at updating Paperless! I suspect the Markdown one might be more evergreen?


That’s great to hear, @RosemaryOrchard! Would the update be free for those that already have it or should I hold off on buying it till the new version is out? Also, any news about the Email Field Guide? That’s the one I’m most interested in. Thanks Rose!

That I’m not sure! I do know he’s at MacStock this weekend so quite busy though - but I’m sure he’ll let people know once he has decided :slight_smile:

As a note though, Apple doesn’t let authors know anything about their customers - so he would likely have no way of giving people an “upgrade” on book field guides.

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By upgrade I meant if the content would get updated and so pushed out to everyone who has already bought the guide. From time to time Kindle books get updated with corrections and improvements and apparently the iBooks Store has a similar functionality.

The Field Guide page on MacSparky does mention that “Each of the Field Guides receive free occasional updates as new workflows and technologies become available for at least two years following their initial publication date.” Wondering if the updates on Paperless, and possibly others, fall under this category since it’s been more (way more!) than two years since it was published.

I have gotten minor updates to Paperless since I bought the iBooks version. As authors update a version the updates become available to purchasers. If he does a completely new edition, you will have to purchase the new edition.

That’s the one downside to the App Store and iBooks is the lack of a good paid update facility.