Using a second screen and Moom

i have had a few emails asking about window management for 2 large screens. I have used the Spaces option to “Displays have separate spaces” allowing me to have the menu options relevant to the screen I am on. The two screens are adjacent to each other with one directly in front of me (and can be swivelled for a client) and the other to the left.


I have a default set up stored in Moom. In my case, this is email and Safari on my main screen leaving a small area of the desktop so I can see what is on the Desktop (which is never much)


on the second screen, I have Busycal, Messages, Omnifocus and Notes


When I am working, i can glance at any of the things on the second screen or drag them across to be directly in front of me if I am using the app.

A lot of the time, I have Adobe Bridge on my main screen, but as soon as this is minimised, my default view is back.


While working, things get moved around but it is one click or keyboard shortcut to put everything back in place. i have a few different set ups but tend to only use one set up.


As previously explained when I have clients, I switch to a mirrored view and turn one of the screens to the client and I use the other to navigate.

There may be better ways to use windows (and I would be delighted to get suggestions) but this works well.


Thanks for sharing this. I have been using Moom for a long time but have never used anything but snap left/ right. Your setup has inspired me to dig in and start setting up some custom scenes!

I like Moom for creating custom workspaces.

I use one shortcut for when I’m at work and plugged into a 27” monitor and typically use work apps, and another for home using the built in 13” Air screen and typically non-work apps.

I also use spaces. Email, messages, Reeder on one space, next space is full screen fantastical, next screen is work apps (non full screen). The different desktops let me separate work and non-work, and having my calendar full screen in the middle acts like a mental barrier between the two, and one swipe away when I need it.



Hi @mhodos … did you manage to get a working setup here at all? I just stumbled across this thread as I want to achieve something similar. I am also a Spaces user and wanted to use Moom to restore multiple applications over multiple spaces using saved snapshots.

It appears this is not possible (confirmed by Moom support) as Apple dont allow Developers to move windows across Spaces. The suggestion is to store separate snapshots for each Space and restore individually … but that doesnt really work for me… even if I Ran some AppleScript behind Alfred or similar. It all gets a tad too complex and inflexible.

My use case is two setups…

  1. Mobile - with a bunch of applications running solely on my Macbook, spread across 4 Spaces

  2. At Home - the same applications bit laid out differently across the MBP and an Ultra-wide external display.

Did you (or anyone else) manage to crack this one at all? Any ideas would be very much welcomed.

My only thought is to ditch the idea of Spaces and invoke common applications when required using Alfred Hot Keys … but that seems a shame when the layout could be so much neater!

Sorry for the delay in replying. I use Moom snapshots with keyboard shortcuts to achieve exactly what you want. I do not use Spaces and I simply create what I want and save as a Snapshot and I have several now for different set ups - Macbook only, and with 1 38 inch, and then with 2 x 38 inch without the Macbook.

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