Using new iPad along with Mac mini

In anticipation of getting a new iPad Pro this week I’ve changed my computer setup (see attached). My goal is to start using the iPad as my main device but will continue to use my Mac mini when desired. With this new configuration I should be able to easily switch between using my iPad or Mac mini at my desk along with ethernet access and my Studio Display.

I don’t need to access the external SSD directly when I’m using the iPad at my desk so that’s why it’s connected to the mini instead of the dock.

When the mini is connected to the dock there are 2 connections to ethernet (one attached to mini and one attached to the dock). The mini seems to handle this fine.

If I need to access my Mac mini when I am away from my desk I plan use Jump Desktop or Screens. Should I ever want to access my Mac mini when it is in headless mode (ie not connected to the OWC dock), do I need to use a device connected to the HMDI port to make the mini think it’s connected to a monitor? I have ordered one just in case I need it (they are inexpensive).

Any comments or suggestions for my proposed setup is appreciated.

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It depends. You will be able to use a resolution up to 1920x1080 without getting one of those HDMI things pretending to be a display when running the Mac Mini headless. That should be enough for the iPad screen. Those HDMI dongles are nice if you want to go further than 1920x1080.

I am using Jump Desktop. Several other MPU community users do use Screens. Both of them work fine for your use case. I prefer Jump Desktop because it works from and to PCs, too (and it is more affordable).

That sounds good. Hoping to find a resolution that makes good use of the 13" iPad screen. Thank you.

Yes it will handle it, but you can order the connections so that it will use the built-in Ethernet preferentially. In System Settings (on the mini) go to Network and if the order is wrong, right-click on the list and select “Set service order” then you can rearrange them.

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Thanks. Based on your suggestion, I changed to the desired order. I also noticed that I could make the either one inactive. Does it make sense to make the one on the dock inactive? When the iPad is connected to the dock the mini will use the internal one anyway and when the mini is connected to the dock it can use the internal one and ignore the one on the dock. Or does it not matter at all?

As a warning: if it caps at 1920x1080 totally headless (I’m not certain if it does or not) then you probably won’t be able to get retina resolutions on your iPad. It’s pretty painful (imo) not having retina when you’re used to it.

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Thanks. My HMDI dongle for the mini should be here tomorrow. So I’ll try that if resolution is bad without.

I don’t think it attempts any load balancing, so it should really just use the first on the list.

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