Using Symlink instead of Default Folder X

Not sure this is ‘cool’ enough to use this category but I share this anyway

I have been trying to limit the use of my Mac M1 Mac Mini in-build 1T SSD storage by moving my user folder to an external SSD with 1T capacity. This includes my photo library (around 300Gb)

I was using Default Folder X to get easy access to nested folders on my external SSD, such as screenshots and Eaglefiler file folders. It works but it is not a very fast and effective way to do that.

Then I came across this little app in GitHub called symboliclinker

Once installed, I mapped the downloads and documents folder on the external SSD to Finder, along was other frequently accessed folders. This is how it looks like on Finder

The remaining large folder on my in-build SSD is MobileSync from iMazing. This takes up 188Gb for my iPhone backup. Not sure I should dump it or can transfer to external SSD