Very Interesting - Siri + GPT-3

this article from Verge is an interesting development

I guess we shall see a lot similar development to Hey Google , Alexa and a resurrected Cortana ?

I created this Shortcut for a friend. To get it to work just add your Open AI API Key.

There are options to display or speak the results, add follow-up questions and share the final results by email, message etc.

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Is this an attempt to make Siri even worse than it is now? :slight_smile:

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It might be an interesting approach, and while it is unknown how many attempts the Dev. needed to get to a useful output, he had some luck too.
He asked for a good sleep temperature in his Bedroom, and got his system regulated to 19°, but as ChatGPT do, and can, not know this value, it is simple luck, to get an useful information imbedded into the answer. It could also read 120°, and cause the kitchen oven to start running…