VESA mount for Studio Display (recommendations)?

Looks like my current monitor (10+ years old Dell U2711) is dying… If I decide to buy a Studio Display as its replacement (after all…), I probably want to adjust it in height, but I think the extra $400 for that adjustable stand is a bit much. One can probably get a good VESA mount for less than that?

Which VESA mount would you advice for the Studio Display?

And how do you manage cables when you use such a mount?

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The Amzon Basics one is pretty good, manufactured by Ergotron but selling at half the price of those branded by Ergotron.


These AVLT arms work well for me. They are solid.

They also have single arm versions and come in different colors.

I used few arms and the arms from Ergotron are by far the best. I really recommend to invest the extra few bucks and get one.

The Dell MSA20 monitor arm is excellent. It holds a monitor of up to 22 lbs (10 kg) steady, allows wide range of motion and provides good cable management.

I have never had a VESA mount; how do you manage cables with them? (if at all?)

Is it manufactured by Ergotron, or is it a knock-off of the Ergotron arm? Just curious - Amazon has been accused of blatantly copying the intellectual property of manufacturers, but they may also have agreements with manufacturers.

I have the Ergotron LX Desk Mount arm (with a tall pole) and I am overall happy with it. It is easy to set up and get the tension correct, has good cable management, and is very easy to adjust. You can put a second arm on the tall pile for a dual monitor set-up. The only complaint I have is the locking screw to stop monitor rotation doesn’t stop a bit of wiggle, so I do have to level the monitor when I adjust it. I used to have a Humanscale monitor arm. It was almost impossible to set up the tension correctly. I sold it out of frustration.

Ergotron has a really good warranty (I’ve made a claim). If the Amazon arm is an Ergotron arm but cheaper, something has got to give, and I would suspect the warranty would be a strong candidate.

My monitor arm (Ergotron LX) has removable panels that cover channels to run the cords through. There are hooks you zap-strap the cords to. It’s very tidy. But the downside is you can’t run a cord “as the crow flies”, so to speak, so you may need longer cords. For example, I have yet to connect my UPS via USB to my iMac because I need to buy a longer cord to be able to run it through the monitor arm and still reach the UPS on the floor. If I bypass the arm, the cord is long enough.

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It is manufactured by Ergotron, not a knock-off. It’s the exact same arm as Ergotron XL, just with a different plastic branding badge. You can google it there’re plenty of sources confirming this.


Question on this: when you all are saying the Ergotron is “good” what does that mean? The ability to easily and regularly adjust it is unimportant to me. I will set it on place once and then hardly ever adjust again. The main thing I’m looking for is that it not wobble. The one I have now wobbles when I type, bump my desk, etc… I’ve gotten used to it, but it’s annoying.

The two remedies for this are a desk that is stable to begin with, and, an arm whose weight capacity far exceeds the weight of the display. That is to say, using made up numbers, if your display is 10lb, rather than an arm that supports 5-10lb, you’d want an arm that supports 10-40lb.

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I am using this
with my Samsung 34’’ since 3 Month now, and they are doing a pretty good job.

Exactly Ergotron are rock solid. They don’t wobble, and this is why I recommended it.