Video camera recommendation needed

I trust that everyone is well and staying safe!

I need a video conferencing camera recommendation. Up to this point I’ve been using the built in MBP 13" camera. It is adequate for most purposes. However, given the large number of video meetings I’m having, the 13" in too small to comfortably have documents open to review while in a Zoom or Google Meet conference. Consequently, I would like to add a camera to my large LG monitor.

I’d appreciate any recommendations on reliable good quality camera for this purpose. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

I recommend checking out the following post from Wirecutter. Logitech cameras are generally a safe bet. I’ve been using a Logitech C930e for years and it continues to serve me well.

You may find that webcams are in short supply. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people buying them these days and it looks like there’s quite a backlog.

On a side note, I’ve also spent some time with EpocCam, an app for iOS/iPadOS that turns your device into a webcam. It works surprisingly well and you have the option of connecting your device to your Mac using a USB cable or connecting via Wi-Fi. It’s worth going with the paid version if you’re using this app regularly.

I hope this helps!

Yup. I ordered mine fairly quickly back when this was all starting and still couldn’t find much.

Rather than waiting for Amazon, I checked my local Best Buy and just ordered the best one they had in stock.

YMMV, but if you have a Best Buy store nearby, I’d look there. Can always return it, but fact is that almost anything will be better than what is built into our MacBook/Air/Pro/iMac.

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@Bmosbacker I create online courses as well as doing a lot of video conferences and found that the iMac camera was just not up to the job. I bought a Logitech C920 which sits nicely on the iMac and works very well.

I have also found that the Logitech ‘Camera Settings’ software is really good as it allows you to change the zoom, white balance etc and gives a lot more control in conferences and when recording.

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I’m using a C922 and it serves me well. My buying decision was for a big part based on availability. As, like has been mentioned before, webcams are in short supply at the moment.

@timlawson I always thought Logitech didn’t have any software for macOS for their cameras. But because of your mention I searched MPU and found the download link. Thanks!

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Yes @vco1 it is not obvious that the software exists. You probably found the old thread where we discussed it.

Note that there are various versions of this software around the web. I am using v2.5.12 and it is fine with my C920 camera. I see the latest is v3.0.12 but I am not sure which cameras this supports.

Link I am currently using is here:

Thanks everyone for the really helpful suggestions. I can’t find a logitech anywhere! I’ll keep checking each day. I wish I’d been more forward leaning on this one! :slight_smile:

B&H says they’re expecting them … in June.

June? Oh well, looks like I have a bit of a wait. Not the end of the world–yet–but who would of thought I couldn’t buy toilet paper and webcams? :laughing:

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FWIW - looks like has an option to get notified when some of them are in stock.… but no estimate on when that might be… or how many others have signed up for the same notifications.

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When shelter-in-place started here more than a month ago, I needed a webcam for my son’s ancient MacBook Air, as the built-in camera no longer worked. I had several orders at various local big-box retailers go through for pickup, only to be cancelled later; a call to another place confirming stock meant nothing when picking up. Finally we found something at a Game-Stop, already marked up 30% from its internet-advertised price. :frowning:

I’m sure that complaint has been voiced on forums kinkier than this one.

Sad state of affairs!

Heavens, maybe I should rephrase that! :laughing:


Thanks for this heads-up. I’ve been using the c930e for a while, and never had any idea there was software for it.


It’s strange, isn’t it? Logitech somewhat explicitly states there is no software for their cameras on the Mac. While they do have a perfect solution available on their website. Beyond me.

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All, I have installed the latest version of the software and it seems to work fine with my C920. To confirm, the download was from the official Logitech site and seems to now be available for various camera models on their support page. Version is 3.0.12…

Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 08.51.17

Question: I own a Logitech C920 – My MBP is connected to an external monitor with the C920. Anytime I use FaceTime or Google Hangouts with this setup, people on the other side of the call tell me they hear a constant echo of themselves. I have to connect via headphones to fix this. Interestingly, I don’t have this echo issue at all when using Zoom. Anyone have a fix or some troubleshooting recommendations? I can’t figure it out. It’s a bummer to only use FaceTime when I am connected via headphones.

What is controlling audio in System Preferences > Sound in the Input tab - is it the dual-mic Logi webcam or your MBP?

And in FaceTime > Video what microphone is listed as being used? If one of those settings uses the MBP mic and the other uses the Logi mics that could be the problem.

Are you using Logitech’s control software? There’s a new beta out.

If the problem remains, go into Apple’s Audio Midi Setup app and see if increasing the Format to a higher (or highest) quality helps (if it isn’t already the default).

Finally, you can try switching settings so that only the MBP’s mic is used.

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I don’t know if this is why, but Zoom has built-in controls for dealing with echo. I suspect that’s one of the reasons it works so well when people are just using their laptop speakers / mic. I think it might be a setting that you can’t even turn off… why am I guessing when I can just go check?

time passes…

Yup, I was right:

So your options are basically “On” or “On HIGH.

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