VPN software advice

Hi all

Looking for suggestions on the best VPN software for iOS. It needs to be one that will automatically connect when on wifi unless the wifi is on a white list. Unfortunately the wife is not too good with remembering to connect to our home vpn and this should fix my issue.

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I would personally recommend Mozilla VPN.

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I know Encrypt.me has auto connection and I’m pretty sure ExpressVPN does not, so of the two decent ones I’ve used, Encrypt.me has what you need.

I use Express VPN it has be transparent and I have it running on Mac, Ipad and iPhone

If you use one of the affiliate links you can get a couple of months free


I had to abandon encrypt.me as it would not work at Starbucks and working with support never got it going. Maybe it works now. Dunno.

I moved to ExpressVPN and it works just fine with no wasted time making it work, including auto reconnecting on startup, restore loss of network, out of sleep, etc. I use it mainly to take advantage of the world-wide server network for when I travel.

That has been a feature that Encrypt.me has supported for ages, and works very well. You can even block cellular and Ethernet networks if you want.

I have Encrypt.me through my eero subscription (and also 1Password) but before that I was happily paying for it separately.

Highly recommended.

I just checked to see if they have some sort of referral program where I could offer you an extended trial, and they don’t seem to have one, but they do give you two weeks to try it out, which seems like it would be long enough to give it a good test.

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Encrypt.me never worked well for me. Too many issues at public WiFi places. Switched to NordVPN and that’s been working so far great

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Proton VPN has worked very well for me

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Nord VPN for me, privacy guaranteed (and externally audited) And a good deal for 3 years. Perfect!


Does it auto connect when the WiFi name is not whitelisted?

I think you cannot go wrong with either VPNExpress or Nord VPN

Are you looking for a VPN app, or for a VPN provider? Those are different things.

I’ve been with PIA for almost the entire decade they have existed. Although I don’t normally use the feature, the iOS app has a network management mode that can auto-connect the VPN when you are on a network that you have not listed as safe.

I use MacAfee. The creepy owner is no longer owner. It includes the virus software, password database, VPN, and even hides photos. I just ordered it when I was half asleep, not really intending to do so. I had purchased VPN right beforehand from the App Store and it was nothing but trouble. McAfee’s VPN has never given me ANY trouble. I love :two_hearts: it! I think it is about $50 a year, cheaper than what I had been paying.

I may be sleep walking though. One time I found my almost new iPad Air 3 napping in the fridge!

@Katie How can you call John McAfee creepy owner with such fine support videos?

NSFW Video

I would not use McAfee software anywhere near my computer besides security from viruses is one of the prime reasons to switch to Mac

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When I tried this feature of the PIA iOS app a couple years ago, it didn’t really work for me.

It would probably be helpful to the OP if other posters could chime in on this particular feature on their iOS VPN app of choice.

My understanding is that he no longer owns the company. I read an entire book about him. There have been a wide assortment of allegations regarding his behavior, not the least of which is murder. So if I refer to him as “creepy”, that might be the least of his allegations!

I would also recommend Express VPN. I travel to China a lot and it is the only service that has consistently worked for me through the “great firewall”.

I have also tested lots of VPNs to compare their iOS apps and none stay connected like Express does, especially while changing networks.

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@Katie yes he sold out years ago. He is eccentric and I think guilty on some major crimes but interesting to watch from afar.

I personnaly find many of these virus software apps bloatware that bogs down my computer and harder to uninstall than viruses themselves. I am very careful of items that I open and never had any issues on Macs

According to express their vpn does not auto connect. Are they giving me duff info as so many have recommended