Waiting for my M1 Mac

I have the LG Ultrafine monitor, the new (space grey) keyboard and mouse, the admittedly recycled trackpad, but the M1 Mac Mini is still two weeks away! My fault for maxing the RAM and upgrading the SSD, I guess. How will I survive?


I am in the same boat…

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As am I, my Air won’t ship until the 9th at the earliest.

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I am using the time to:

  • rewire everything
  • unclutter my desk
  • stare at the new dock

My MacBook Pro is getting here on the 7th :scream:, the wait is killer

I too am waiting on a Mac mini, dec 11 at the earliest.


This is the “Waiting for M1 support group”:


My MacBook Air was supposed to be here Nov 30-Dec 7th when I ordered it.

It shipped November 21st and said it would be here Dec 1st.

“YAY!” I thought.

Then the tracking information said this:

The package is at the clearing agency awaiting final release.

It stayed that way for 3 days.

Then on Nov 24th it changed to:

Package is delayed in transit. Delivery will be rescheduled.

It’s now Nov 26th and nothing has changed. Neither UPS nor Apple were able to provide any information or help other than “Keep watching!” (Gee, thanks for the advice.)

So I have no idea when it might be arriving, and it’s really harshing my mellow.

J/K it’s November 2020, I have no mellow left.


Yay, we’ve moved to “Preparing to ship”. How long can that take?


I’d expect a couple of days.

Mine has changed to “Departed from Facility” so I guess it is leaving and/or has left Shanghai but I’m guessing I won’t know much more until it arrives in the USA.

Apple still says it will be here Tuesday.

UPS does not have any estimate of when it will be delivered.

Unfortunately I’m guessing UPS has a more accurate description of what to expect.

I don’t know if I qualify to be considered “waiting”. I purchased the base model because my MBP died and. I had assignments to get done. My actual configuration 16GB/1TB won’t arrive until Dec 29-Jan 6

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Mine was waiting to ship on Saturday, shipped Monday morning. Should arrive this Friday, the 4th. (KC MO)

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My MacBook Pro came today. Eight days early!


Mine shipped Monday evening. I suspect it’ll get to Melbourne on Friday. Crossing my fingers for delivery on Saturday.


My 16Gb/1Tb MacBook Pro has moved to delivery tomorrow from 8th December. That was a nice surprise!


My 16GB/1TB Mac Mini went from having a window of December 29-Jan 6 to being delivered by December 30. Hopefully sooner, that will give me about 8 or 9 days to transfer everything and return my 8Gb/512 before its out of the return area.

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My 16GB/1TB Air is still stuck in “processing” with its original Dec 9-16 window. I’m hoping these reports of earlier deliveries are a good sign for me but I’m not holding my breath.

Incidentally, my wife asked me tonight “what’s going on with your new computer, didn’t you order that a long time ago?” (she told me "happy birthday, merry Christmas a few weeks ago when she said I should order it) and I got to explain to her that I had canceled my original Pro order for the less expensive Air.

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On the other hand it’s been on status picked up in Shenzhen since Monday evening…

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Apparently some FedEx/UPS employees at the airport tested positive for COVID. I’m assuming that may have slowed things down.

My MacBook Air was supposed to be here today, now scheduled for Dec 8th (currently in Anchorage, Alaska).

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Mine moved from “processing” to “delivery”. UPS, hurry up!!!

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