WatchOS 7 first impressions

I’m looking WatchOS 7 so far. The bandaging timer is a simple thing, but a nice touch, and I’m looking forward to testing out the sleep tracking.

Out of curiosity, has anyone else noticed a slight change to the Solar face? I’m seeing some orange at dawn and dusk that I don’t recall seeing before. I like it.

What is this (new?) icon that showed up in Control Center (CC) after I upgraded to WatchOS 7?

Interesting that its disabled because I don’t think I’ve seen any other icon in CC that has displayed this way. It kind of looks like an ECG in the upper-right. My Watch is Series 5 and the ECG app is working normally post-upgrade.

I guess it could be a shortcut to Blood O2 but that’s odd because 1.) there’s no shortcut in CC to ECG, and 2.) the icon’s not hidden on non-Series 6, which I’d assume since they don’t have the new sensor.

I couldn’t find any reference to this icon in image search or on Apple’s site. The newest version of the  Watch User Guide in Books lists every icon in CC, except this mystery one:

My current impression is that an OS update shouldn’t be 65% of a devices storage capacity. I’ve been unable my S3 because it’s saying it needs 3.1 GBs of storage. At this point it’s unclear what’s taking up much storage.

Uninstalling every 3rd party app still doesn’t seem to give me enough space though I’m not sure why. Pictures were changed to none and I’ve never had music synced to it.

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I’ve never found anything useful to use the Watch storage for (same as you by the look of your screenshot).

I’ve never deleted any of the unused stock apps (partly due to ignorance how) from the watch until tonight trying to get space and still not enough. Now I’ve got to figure out how 10 pictures from my recent vacation ended up on my watch and delete those. Still somehow not enough space though.

Wow! That’s crazy!

I’m using 2.7GB with the latest OS and a similar amount of usage as you, so your not excessive where you are (sample of 2).

I deleted everything from my series 3 and still didn’t have enough space to install. I ended up having to do a reset and install from scratch.

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I’ve had the same issue all through the beta season for watch OS.
Found that unpairing the watch and re-pairing was the only way to get it to update the last 2 beta updates.

It really is something Apple should look at


Same on my Series 3 (non-cellular, so only 8 GB).

Had to unpair and pair as a new watch to install watchOS 7.

Note: downloading the firmware to the watch took several hours (I gave up waiting and went to bed; it was ready for installation the next morning).

I now have 2.9 GB free (instead of 1.5 GB before installation).

Looks like Voice Memos.

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At this point I’m not even sure how it calculates space. I’ve gained ~0.5 GB of data overnight and all it did was sit on the charger. I’ve even deleted some unused stock apps

Anyone else missing the hand washing functionality on a Series 4 or later? I have a series 4 and the hand washing is not showing on the iPhone Watch menu. I am certain I have a Series 4. Not that the hand wash thing is the things I am looking forward to most, but I felt like the update happened a little weird last night and I wonder if something went wrong during the update. I haven’t noticed any other features missing.



It would show in this menu under hand washing?

I’d just search for it in the field at the very top of the My Watch screen. Getting there directly is not very intuitive:
From My Watch tab in Watch app: Notifications > Handwashing
Edit: I had already enabled it on the Watch (see below). I don’t think you can actually enable it from the Watch app. This seems to only control notifications once enabled on the Watch itself.

You can enable/disable on the Watch itself directly: Settings > Handwashing
(here it is not under Notifications)

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One other Handwashing related-tip I just stumbled on: Handwashing data is stored in the Health app (under Browse tab > Other Data; or, again, just use the Search field at the top).

It gives you the date and time of each “session” and aggregates counts and average time when looking at day/week/month/year views. Nifty.

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Using the search at the top of the menu did it. Thanks @khit!


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Hmm, I thought Sound Recognition was iOS and iPadOS only. I tried turning it on in iOS but it didn’t seem to enable the mystery Control Center button.

Wow that is some super nerdy goodness :nerd_face::raised_hands:

I dig how they’ve innovated within existing hardware/software to adapt to real world changes. Very cool.

Mystery solved! I’ve been customizing Control Center on my iPhone tonight since there are some new features. The same icon appears there as well, but with a helpful label:


The button isn’t enabled on either Watch or iPhone unless you have AirPods connected. Then it allows you to pause message announcements until the next day (or unpause if they’re already paused).


Same issue re required space to update a series 3. I had to do a complete reset and repair of the watch too. This is not a good customer experience