WatchOS 8 but, or fumble fingers?

Ever since installing WatchOS 8 I’ve been getting some odd text replies like “wrong thread” “what are you talking about?” “huh?”. I was really confused until I figured out that, sometimes, when scrolling down on a text message notification and clicking the “Dismiss” button that appears at the bottom, WatchOS 8 is actually selecting the canned reply UNDERNEATH the hovering “Dismiss” button.

Has anyone else had this problem. It has never happened to me before OS8 even though I’ve used that button for years. My son helpfully showed me that I can swipe down from the top to dismiss as well, but it’s hard breaking 6.5 years of habits :slight_smile:


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Others are noting the issue here:

I’ve sent the canned reply at the very bottom of the screen, below the dismiss button a couple of times – usually when I am trying to avoid hitting the reply above the button. It may not look good, but it would be better if the dismiss button extended to the bottom of the screen.

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