Website to Mac App - Fluid or Alternatives?

I’ve been using for years and find it simple and useful. It turns any website into a real Mac app. I use the free version and am thinking about paying the $5 for the extras.

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However, for $5, you can purchase a Fluid License which unlocks a few extra features:

1. Pin Fluid Apps to the Mac OS X Status Bar.  ***(Fluid App Menu → Pin to Status Bar…)***
2. Use Userscripts or Userstyles in your Fluid Apps.  ***(Window → Userscripts)***
3. Use Full Screen mode in your Fluid Apps.  ***(View → Enter Full Screen)***

Before I pay up and since haven’t looked at the space for a while, are there better alternatives out there? It does not seem that it is regularly updated and I’m not sure how active the developer is.

Honestly, if the app has been at all useful to me for some time and the price is only $5, I’d buy the extras just to support/thank the developer. (I know I didn’t answer your actual question)

This app intrigues me: I’m going to have to check it out :slight_smile:

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I have a paid for v1 and I also purchased Unite 3.

Unfortunately both are unable to “remember” the credentials for a site I have to use a lot at work (which does not have a native App), so I’m interested in any alternatives as well.

For me it’s important that the engine is either Safari (like these two I believe) or Firefox, but not Chrome (so I won’t use Coherence X and similar Apps).

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@rob : I’ve been using the fluid app for a year or more now for my protonmail. It’s never forgotten my credentials, so might it be there’s something else involved?

Does your work machine refresh caches or remove history automatically?

And @r2d2: I would second @ACautionaryTale If the app has worked well for you why not pay the 5,-? The dev did work for you as well over the last few years…

Sounds like Progressive Web App (PWA). Many websites support it, like MPU forum. You can find a plus icon next to the website address. Click on that plus icon, and you will get the app installed on you computer.

This is how MPU Talk app looks like

This is my own no-code mobile app looks like

These are app icons

Both Apps work fine with all sites/services I tried, except this particular one: Azure DevOps Server; formerly Team Foundation Server (TFS).

I’ve used Fluid for years with no issues.

Setapp has Unite which I happily moved to from Fluid.


Unite also has been recently upgraded to Coherence X, which is on Setapp as its predecessor.

Edge browser comes with a tool to build little web apps natively. I have also used Fluid in the past, but with Stylus I can keep skins in the Apps for certain web sites active, which is impossible in Unite.

@ACautionaryTale I’m happy to pay for apps. I was asking to see if there were better alternatives to consider before actually paying. Just doing my own due diligence

@rob I haven’t had a problem with it remembering my credentials. Why do you not use Chrome?

@ygjose I don’t see how to use PWA. There’s no download or plus sign that you’re referring to.

@lsieverts What do you find better about Unite over Fluid?

@anon85228692 What is Coherence X?

Thanks all for the useful discussion.

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That’s cool. In Chrome, I live in incognito mode and it looks like it’s only for regular mode.

I’m getting an email a day hawking the Coherence upgrade. :angry:

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Lol. So I didn’t know about Coherence or Unite. Found that helps explain the key differences from the developer angle.


I also get way too many.

A request for support (transferring a license) goes unanswered for days though… :cry:

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I don’t want any Google software on my devices, when possible.

(I don’t like ads & tracking)

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how does this work? I looked at the site, but it’s not very clear?

You mean how to build PWA? Here I found a step-by-step tutorial. My own mobile app was built on Glide, a no-code app building website.

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that did it, thanks!