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MPU Talk is for discussion related to the Mac Power Users podcast. There are various categories for episodes, hardware, software, homescreens, cool workflows, as well as an uncategorized area.

Discourse is forum software, not to be confused with the similarly named Discord which is chat software often used for gaming communities. It has apps for iOS and Android as well as RSS feeds for nearly everything.

This section of the forum is open for all kinds of discussion, please make sure it stays relevant to the community (e.g. tech/Mac related, and of interest to most visitors here).


Congratulations on the move off Facebook! I applaud your decision and look forward to being part of the new forum.


Interesting move… I look forward to finding out how well it works :slight_smile:


Happy to be moving away from Facebook. A few forums have set up on here recently and it seems a good new home.


I look forward to the change. Anything that keeps me away from The Facebooks is a Good Thing!


Looking forward to the new move and change!


Thank you for building this and moving away from facebook, did not join the FB group as well … Facebook.
A listener for years. added to bookmarks !


THANK YOU !!! Your move from FB to a forums based solution is something for which I had been wishing for some time. ˙ ͜ʟ˙


Thank you for setting up these forums. I am very glad for the chance to move away from Facebook!


Juhu! What an excellent move. For a split second after you announced the Facebook group a while ago I considered resuscitating my facebook account - but only for a split second. But this seems like a good place to interact!


Thanks for the well wishes everyone. We really hope to make this a nice, safe place for everyone.


On macOS Safari, and I’m seeing missing image placeholders (blue box with a question mark) for accounts with non-system profile pictures (the colored circle with an initial letter). Except, @MacSparky’s and @RosemaryOrchard’s appear right to me.


Looks like there were some issues with the server. Appears good now!


Great move. Looking forward to being a part of this group!


I’m delighted you have moved MPUs off of Facebook. This will be a great forum for our discussions.


I am pleased with the move. I guess I’m left with no excuses for deleting fb.


Great move. Facebook ethics aside, I find a forum the best place for these kinds of discussion - it’s so much easier to find things, follow discussion threads etc.


Sorry about the downtime. You guys overwhelmed the server. I had to throw some money at them and then reboot. Things seem to be working now. :slight_smile:


Just curious - how is this being funded? On Facebook there was no need to worry about server costs so I’m just wondering how this will be sustainable. Did Linode give you a deal through sponsorships? :wink:


Really pleased to have this discussion group - was never a facebook user - but used to get jealous when I heard about the discussions - now I can be part of it. Well done!