Welcome to MPU Talk


Not delighted to see this move. Another site to sign into/review? No thanks.


We’re going to see how it goes for now, but thanks to @joebuhlig’s fabulous help we’ve set this up on a stable but low cost system!


Awesome, that is great to hear :). I hope it continues being sustainable!


Katie, Rose, Joe and David - thank you for moving us off of FaceBook. I think this is a good move for the community. Take care—


Great move off FB! =)


Don’t like the fact that I cannot see everything at once. You have to go to groups. It is disrupting the flow. Is there any way to just see comments as posted?


I’m really happy that our Mac Power User community is now on Discourse. It’s the best forum software I’ve ever used and it doesn’t have all of the compromises and distractions that are inherent with Facebook. Onward!


You’re probably looking for the Latest view, it’s a stream of the posts which are new/have recent activity.


Thanks Rosemary. But it just displays categories. Change is hard, I know. Don’t want to be a complainer. I just don’t like the layout that requires clicking back and forth into groups or catergories in order to see any post.


It’s showing posts, not categories (categories are hardware, software, etc.). Forum software works differently to Facebook and has advantages (the ability to categorise and tag for starters!). I don’t believe there’s a way to offer a Facebook like experience without doing it for everyone and requiring @joebuhlig to do a lot of work, but perhaps he has a suggestion?


@Judi_Jacobs, one thing to try is the Latest view of the site. We debated having that as the homepage, but I’m not sure that’s the best idea for the community flow overall. I’ll leave that to the owners to decide.

But give that link a try and see if that helps.


Looking forward to the new platform and all the discussions here!


Thanks much! I have been using that to see the latest and engage. It is better.


You can set the Latest view as your default in settings.



I was surprised by the move just because I wasn’t expecting it. But it makes sense, and I like the way the website/forum is organized :sunglasses:

And I would encourage everyone to go into your profile and customize it and the site the way you like!


Nice move off Facebook! Looking forward to participate in the community.


Not happy that I have to check yet another social media site. Ugh. I hope this isn’t the last time I come here but I suspect it may be. I won’t likely remember to come to this site. It will be interesting to see whether you come anywhere close to the numbers you had on Facebook. I hope it works out.


Hi everyone. Glad to see the move off Facebook, glad to be able to join this community.


Thanks to all involved in this move. This forum is a much better venue for our discussions as now there are topic headings. I hope everyone who was on the Facebook group makes the jump to the forum and look forward to a more structured environment for the group.


And thank you to all involved for staying ahead of the curve as far as server resources. This has been a real delight to use, especially compared to Facebook. The first day there was a brief period where there was some friction to using the forum with slow loading, but that was nipped in the bud and now everything zips along.