Welcome to MPU Talk


I think this will be a better venue than Facebook, but I will probably forget to check yet another site. The nice thing about Facebook is I was already there checking on friends and family. Not trying to be negative, just realistic from my previous experiences. Anyways, hope it works out.


Definitely check out the RSS feeds and the app (there are posts about both in the Announcements/Help section), hopefully one of those with or without the email notifications (there’s a post for that too) will fit into part of your workflow for you :slight_smile:


Hi! I really enjoy MPU podcasts. To be honest I am not sure if I was in the FB group. I am so done with FB and the endless stream of ads. I do get that is how they get paid but what a mess. Thank you for MPU and the move from FB. I really look forward to learning even more from this forum.


I’m so used to Facebook that this change is going to be a challenge. I liked the way that new topics would show up on my timeline along with my other, varied, interests. MPU is now sandboxed (which I suppose is the point). And forums do make me feel intimidated. As long as people are as respectful here as they were on Facebook ( and why wouldn’t they) I’m sure we’ll be golden.


Thanks for moving off FB. It was a NoGo for me. Thank you to the MPU Team!


Thanks for all the work setting this up away from Facebook, which means I can finally participate in the MPU forum. It was the first podcast I started listening to regularly and over the years it brought me so much knowledge! The forum makes the experience complete, after two days here I am loving it. Big thanks
@MacSparky , @katiefloyd and @RosemaryOrchard :green_heart:


Yes! Finally I’ll ba able to join the discussion. (don’t have facebook)
Thanks for doing this guys!


is the outgoing bandwidth on the site throttled or something? performance seems much worse than other discourse sites


We’ve upgraded the servers twice since Thursday and I’m not seeing any issues with the forum (I’ve VPNed to a few other locations to check if the connection works from elsewhere too). Could you PM me some more information on the issues you’re seeing so I can investigate please? :slight_smile:


I really like the new digs so far! Thanks for all the work it has taken (and will continue to take) to move to the new forum.

I really like the way the Discourse forum is organized with categories and tags, and especially the chronological ordering!


Big thanks to Joe, Rosemary, Katie, and David - for the new forum and especially for the move off of Facebook. I’m really glad to be here!

I kept hearing discussion on MPU, and felt bad that I was missing out. But not bad enough to do Facebook :slight_smile:

I hear the concerns of the people used to Facebook interface – change is often annoying, but please stick around and try to get used to it.

For what it’s worth, I was recently forced to join Facebook for an online course I took (thanks Fluid.app and VPN for protecting me :slight_smile: – and I found the FB interface quite non-intuitive and difficult. I’d see a partial list of topics, and within those a partial list of comments, many comments hidden by some algorithm, and click, click, click required to see everything.

I find Discourse very nice by comparison!

Again, it’s so great to be here. I’ve been an MPU listener since the double-digit days … really looking forward to joining the community!


Huge thanks to Katie, David, Rosemary and Joe for moving us off Facebook. All privacy controversies aside, it was simply a cumbersome and ineffective platform for the sort of complex interaction a community like this evolves toward. Great choice and wonderful implementation!


I understand a lot of people are excited about this site. But I only created a login so I could post that I think this was a huge mistake. I only viewed any of the MAC Power User forums because it was on Facebook where I already am. I have a feeling there will be a large amount of people that will no longer be able to enjoy the community aspect of this group now. I for one do not have any interest in adding yet another stop in my day.


Congratulations. Excited about the site. I moved off Facebook 2 years ago and have no regrets. I look forward to spending time here.


I am quite happy with the move from FB to here. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to participate more often.




:star2:for dumping facebook - I wish I could for some of the groups I run.

Ignore the facebook lovers, they should know better, hopefully, this will show them there is better.


I think this is a great idea… I would never join Facebook simply because its Facebook… Now I can contribute!!!


Great system you have here. Love the Dark Mode and the organization of the topics. Still learning how to use it but I feel that would be a great forum. Thank you for doing this, Now I can download my FaceB** Data and Delete the service, this group was the only thing holding me there.

One thing that I am not sure in which area I can post it is some backup workflows using my NAS, iCloud and backblaze that I would like to share. Will that go in Software? Great group, great podcast and it have helped me so much on my daily business and personal workflow to achieve more and do not worry about a lot of small stuff…

Thank you.


I’m already loving this environment! Great move!


Congrats on the move! Since I never login to facebook except for birthdays and messages, I hope to be able to participate more here! Also love the customization options and shortcut keys! (#darkmode!)