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That sounds like a great post for the Cool Workflows category! (Not just for workflow workflows.) I look forward to reading it :slight_smile:


Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Fantastic decision to leave Facebook (I did months ago too).


So happy to be off Facebook!


I do not like Facebook. I am glad you made the move to discourse. It is going to be much easier to follow conversations, find topics, and search in general. Thank you for the move. I will definitely visit more than I did on Facebook.

Again, Thank you!


I’m ridiculously excited about this move, and I’m stoked to see the breakdown of categories. I was never a huge fan of Facebook as a platform, but this community kept me engaged there. Cheers to moving on and better days!


Add me to the list of people excited about the move. Like many others I quit FB (3 years now) and am really happy I can contribute now.

I see a few folks that have complained that they are bothered by the need to now stop off at a new site and thought I’d respond to that just in an attempt to add some depth.

Please remember that for many of us there are very real and serious ethical questions surrounding Facebook’s ethical foundation (or lack of). I’d add that a healthy internet is, at least in part, measured by the health of the diversity of access points. In other words, while it is conveneient that for many people FB is a place to go for everything they do onthe web, it may not be the best thing for the internet as a place people go to access information. Forums such as this really are easy to use and once thrived on the internet. Just as Walmart has been a factor in the closing of smaller businesses around the country so too has Facebook eliminated some of the diversity of the web.

All that to say that I and many others could not participate via FB for ethical reasons whereas this forum is likely free of such ethical concerns which means a larger pool of people can participate. The only friction that exists is an added account, a new bookmark for your browser, and a new habit of using that bookmark. I would suggest that the problems associated with FB (business ethics and internet health) far outweigh the friction involved for individuals migrating to the new site.

I applaud the decision and offer a big thank you to David, Katie and the team that made it possible.


Thank you for all the investment it took to move the community onto its own server. As I believe I mentioned in the FB group in the numerous threads on the topic, this is exactly the course of action I felt was best for the community, down to the software choice. It’s phenomenal we have a Discourse pro in the community, so @joebuhlig thank you enormously for your efforts there, as well as MacSparky and @RosemaryOrchard — you guys provide the context for a tremendously useful and friendly community, and I look forward to contributing to it for years to come.


My pleasure, Brian! Feel free to hit me up with how-to questions. :wink:


Is there a threaded view for replies? I’m fairly new to Discourse, having only used it in the Jekyllrb forums. And is there a convention on replies… will you get this message without my tagging you specifically?


Depends on how you think about it. Take a look at this reply. In the bottom left corner you’ll see “1 Reply”. Click on that and it will show you the reply to that post.

When you hit the reply button on a post itself, the author of that post and the original poster of the topic will both get a notification/email about it. But if you hit the green Reply button at the bottom of the topic, only the OP will get notified.

If you want a person to be notified and they aren’t in either of those categories, you’ll need to mention their username in the post.

Another point on this, if you quote someone (like I did for you here), the person you quoted will be notified, too.


Good to see the move away from Facebook, and over to a forum style. I’ve been a forum user for decades but facebook killed the forums as everyone moved to Facebook, so it great to see things shifting back.

I did try to use the facebook page but I never liked the layout and the lack of any real structure to the post.


This is great and huge. To finally move away from Facebook and all the associated ills.
This is for us and it is wonderful.
Hi Rosemary! You are perfect for this!


Thank you so much for making this move. I deleted my account at FB a while ago and was sorry it meant I couldn’t participate in MPU.

Thank you for the forum and the hours of pleasure from your great podcast.


I have a slight problem on my iPhone view of the forum. I didn’t realise there were menus at the top because even when I’m scrolled all the way to the top they are missing, almost but not quite completely overlapped by the Mac Power Users Home Heading Bar as shown in the screenshot below. If I tap on the bottom leading edge that’s sticking out that just shows, I can then read the drop down menu but can’t see it on any screen as you can see it’s mostly obscured:
I can only just make out that there is a line of text in the grey boxes above because of the lettering descenders just about sticking out. I am in Display Zoomed mode which I think is causing this but I have to be in order to read the text because I’m 54 years old, eyesight pretty good though really for my age.
I Just double checked and the forum doesn’t display properly if you have your screen set to zoomed. Missing lots of stuff off the top of the screen


This new platform looks great! Nice improvement over the Facebook group. Great job!


Great move - well done with the new home for the MPU gang. Thanks for all the hard work you obviously put into it.


This is a great move!
My attention is my most precious resource, and I don’t want to squander it on irrelevant ads, outrage, etc. plus the buying and selling of my info.


Thank you for developing a forum independant of Facebook. I have always felt uneasy with Facebook and have never joined. Because of this I have in the past felt a little “left out” and somewhat not part of the MPU community with its support, discussions, ideas, etc… I am glad this is no longer the case.


Thanks to everyone who worked to set the new site up. :hugs:


I too had this issue. Thanks for figuring out it was tied to the “Display Zoom” setting. Hopefully, @joebuhlig will be able to correct.