Welcome to MPU Talk


@digitalbill and @rkv, I just pushed a fix for this to remove those extra icons when the viewport is smaller. Give that a try and let me know if it helps.


Looking forward to the new forum for communicating. It’s nice to be away from FB as this will hopefully provide Katie and David with more control and will be good for the community to engage. Need to see how to get to the RSS feed as it is not intuitive from this site.


Thanks! Longtime listerner, happy to be able to participate.
Looking forward to receiving a little Macpower genius from the group and I hope to be able to impart some old man wisdom.
Boy, I crack myself up! Thanks for having me.


Yes, that works. The two buttons are no longer covered when Display setting is in “Zoomed” mode. Thanks.


That’s brilliant, thank you, no longer a problem when I’m in zoomed mode (all of the time). buttons showing perfectly now. Talk about efficient!


Thank you so much for moving away from Facebook to something much better! The privacy concerns alone make me want to leave Facebook altogether but groups and events keep me there. But the more people/groups that leave Facebook, the easier it becomes to move away from the platform :slight_smile:.


Love the new forum. I now can totally drop Facebook MPU was only thing keeping me there. Plus the forum seems so much better,modern and USER FRIENDLY (aka searchable)


I’m excited to have an easier search function! Thanks for doing this


Thank you for this excellent move. Dedicated forum with all it’s bells and whistles is so much better choise than forcing us to use Facebook. This was good and brave decision. Big hand for that.


Congratulations on moving away from facebook! I very happy to join the community on the forum now that it has a more rational format.


You can use a Facebook or Google account to login. You will receive a digest in your email every week. (You can change the frequency of the digest in the settings.) You check your email, right? :wink:


Cheers to no Facebook!


I have been a long time MPU listener. I am so glad i can connect with all the good folks that also follow and connect with the MPU family. I was not involved before purely because it was on facebook. I have no trust in being on facebook for any reason. Great move.


Congratulations on your new forum. I never was a big fan of Facebook either.


Does this show up on the iPhone Discourse app? I clicked on “this reply” but don’t see anything in the post mentioning a reply; should be the same link as in your post. Scrolling though other posts, I don’t see reply’s detailed anywhere.

Update: I do see it when I switch the app to desktop view. Gone when I go back to mobile view.



Wasn’t excited initially about having to go to another site, but now I’m convinced that this is the right platform. Used to hang game forums a lot so I feel right at home here. The categories and various threads makes contribution much easier! In fact I see myself visiting this site more than I do the Facebook group - since I’m not exactly a true power user, I hardly have anything to say in the top few posts on FB and I stopped visiting the group. Now I can actively seeking out topics that I can chime in to!


Hey there and thank you so much for moving away from Facebook! I was always sad to miss out but I really did not want to use Facebook, so this is just great! I’ve just paused the MPU podcast to sign up. Looking forward to some great discussions! :slight_smile:


Thank you Macpowerusers for contributing to another addiction, good thing I am over 75 and retired :hugs::+1:


Great that we can now have a small community (not on Facebook). Great move guys!


Really pleased you left Facebook. Some kind of tipping point reached over the last couple of months. For reasons I won’t bore you with I more or less stopped using it a few weeks ago. I missed MPU and one or two similar things but the problems were no longer worth it for me. Well done.