Welcome to MPU Talk


Well Boring as i may be , since the move this is my 3rd visit since - on FB i visited at least twice a day - its just added to my stops which i was trying to reduce, hey ho


Thank you for getting away from Facebook. Ive been a long time listener to MPU, but don’t use FB. Glad to see the decision was made to move away from it.



i really enjoy interacting on this forum - even as opposed to some podcasts who use reddit [which i like] for comments

the backend discourse just makes it more managable


Very nice to have one less reason to visit Facebook.


Congratulations on the move off Facebook!

Look forward to being part of MPU talk now that Facebook is no longer used.


Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I feel that I’m seeing a distinct lag in notifications from talk.mpu about replies etc on the site.

The notifications will be there if I go to the site, but I have to wait a certain amount of time for the email to show up… more than just the normal email lag… Is there a way to fix this?


Email only sends when it hasn’t seen you in X time - this is to avoid spamming you with emails when you’re browsing :slight_smile:


Alright thanks Rose. Maybe talk.mpu should be my first and only pinned tab in Safari.

There is no way for Safari to alert me about new notifications on the site, right?

So the only way to get notifications from the site (replies and such) are delayed emails?

I don’t get any notifications through the Discourse app either…


My Safari definitely does alert me - if the window is open. The trick is to have the window open and get something that would trigger a notification and then you can allow it.


are we talking about Notification Center on the Mac here? Because those would be really handy with talk.mpu. How do I set that up? I don’t see any automatic notification request coming in form the site


Click on your image in the top right > Settings > Preferencss > Notifications > Enable


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I have managed to stay away from Facebook since a FarmVille addiction.:nerd_face:So glad you guys have this forum! Thanks!