What app do you use for tracking TV shows and movies?

In these quarantined COVID-19 days, and possibly months, what’s the app that you are using to track all those TV shows and movies these days?

I have been relying on TV Time and Cinema Time for years. But they don’t seem to be in too active development as of late.

So I’m wondering, what are you using?

I recently started using Hobi after it was recommended by Federico Viticci. It has the nicest UI of any of the apps that I’ve seen and, while it still has some room to grow, it has a pretty rich set of features.

I’ve also used iTV Shows for years. It’s also a great app that checks most of the boxes.

Generally speaking, I recommend going with an app that supports the TRAKT service. This makes it easy to switch apps…or even use multiple apps simultaneously.

I’m using text files. I’ve used Bear and Tot if I’m binging something and tracking it on Mac and iOS.

There’s an app called Film Noir that is in beta test right now which tracks tv and movies and uses Trackt which seems like an essential feature.

Using TV Time, which seems very much active to me – they added movie support a few months ago, while the app was limited to series only at the beginning?

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Yeah it is. But the developer keeps asking on Twitter if people wanna play for a subscription. So he’s still developing it but not to the same extent. I didn’t know TV Time now had movies also?? The app cinema time by the same developer does movies. But it still doesn’t have iCloud sync…

Good suggestions. Has anyone used IMDB?

Are you sure you’re talking about TV Time? It did use to have a sub, which I paid, and they removed it a year or two ago thanks to other revenue sources. It would be very weird to reintroduce it when they had a plan that worked and they did away with it.

Pretty sure

I have a list in Any List with categories for series in all the streaming sites we use. Another list is for movies.

I use IMDB, but I don’t have any fancy needs. Frankly, I prefer keeping things in a local, native app. Maybe I’ll find someway to incorporate this into my Zotero library.

So what’s the best app that syncs with trakt.tv any suggestions out there?

I use the aforementioned TV Time for that.

I have been using ToDoMovies (for movies) for quite a while.

Unfortunately without Trakt support and today’s update (4.2.2) removed all my data…

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I think several apps are called that. Is it the one I showed before I thread

Ouch. That’s annoying

Yep, that one is the one I use :smiley:

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I really like that app as well. But the app Cinema Time by the same developer lacks sync unfortunately

Oh, the next update (4.2.3) restored them! :smile:

Yes don’t use the one for the movies.

I use Letterboxd for movies, but does not sync with trakt.tv (I use it only on the phone)

I use Watcht for trakt.tv right now, for both movies and TV shows

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