What are your favorite 'lifetime' apps/accounts?

In the past we’ve discussed everyone’s favorite subscriptions, and apps sold as a perpetual license. What about lifetime apps/accounts? And when I say lifetime, I’m talking about apps or services where a one-time payment gets you all future updates for the lifetime of the application or service. I’m not talking about apps sold as a perpetural license where your one-time payment only gets you updates to the current version.

I’ll start:

  • Adguard
  • Alfred
  • Apollo Ultra
  • Arq Backup (lifetime no longer offered)
  • BettertouchTool
  • Brain.fm (lifetime no longer offered)
  • Calm
  • Calm Radio
  • CoinStats (via AppSumo)
  • MxRoute e-mail (black Friday 10GB special)
  • Penn State Alumni Membership
  • ProwritingAid
  • Plex Pass
  • Roon
  • Yate

Let us know what other lifetime accounts that you’ve found valuable in your life.

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I’ll second Plex Pass and also add in Freedom.to
I bought it in 2017 and it easily pays for itself every month or so.

Arq Backup
Plex Pass

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Can someone explain to me what Plex is like you’d explain to a 10-year-old? I read it but found it could do everything related to media? Was a bit overwhelming. Does it record your TV or something?

  • Alfred
  • BetterTouchTool
  • Reeder
  • Dark Noise
  • Endel

And that does everything for me.

As I recall the free version of Plex lets you stream you own videos, music, and photos from your “server”, an app that runs on your Mac, PC, etc. over the internet and local network. In addition you have access to free movies and “live” tv.

With a Plex Pass you can record live TV (if you have a tuner and antenna) and have many more options such as lyrics, etc.

I purchased my Plex Pass 7 years ago and don’t recall everything the free version offers :thinking: Perhaps the following will be helpful.

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Interesting. So like, I can keep my media files on an always-on laptop and access the music from any device? How is that different from Synology?

you can run your plex server on synology or any other devices of your choice. Plex server let you organize, manage and own your own media, from mp3 files, home videos, photos to movies, etc. You can play back these media on your computer, phones, tablets, etc. The best is to buy the lifetime plex license at a discount when that is offered

Thanks! I just did a bit of research as well. The $120 for a lifetime is a great deal, the only thing I am not getting is, what kind of content will I store in it? Like I have Netflix, Disney Plus, and Spotify, can Plex help me cancel any of those services. Like buying all the MP3 songs I listen to and adding them to Plex, then canceling Spotify. Is that a realistic idea? Not sure I can do that with content on Netflix and Disney.

What are you storing there?

interesting list, I have not come across Roon and Yate until now. Thanks @dawfnis for sharing

My list definitely includes Prowriting Aid and Plex pass, cannot think of too many other perpetual licenses as I have to pay for apps upgrade from time to time. Somone mentioned Chronosync, I am not sure it belongs to this category for that reason

I do not think you can store DRMed and streaming media files on Plex. They won’t work once you stop paying for subscription. You can however store your own photos, videos and mp3 files that do not bound by DRM

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I’m not familiar with synology devices. You can run a plex server on macOS, Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD computers as well as a dozen other devices like some Synology drives and an nvidia shield And there are clients for computers, phones, televisions, Apple TV, etc.

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What is this from a software perspective?

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You mention Reeder. Do you mean the iOS/macOS App or something else?

The Reeder I know (RSS reader) does not have lifetime licenses, but you do get free updates with same major version number (I bought versions 1-5 on iOS and macOS, so far).

Or maybe I misunderstood what was meant with “lifetime” in this topic?

Yeah, you are correct. Its version based, unlike Alfred and BetterTouchTool.

This is my first version of Reeder (got both iOS and Mac). To my quick search when I bought it, you can keep using the same version of the Reeder as long as you want.

I don’t do anything fancy with Reeder. Adding subscriptions, reading articles, Read Later, and fetching articles from Pocket is all I do. I don’t do other complex things like filtering etc., which other users might need.

It’s a serverless app, so as long as it keeps working this way, which it will, I don’t expect to buy the next version. :slight_smile:

Strictly speaking this isn’t software, but I did title the post as ‘apps/accounts’ so I think it’s still fair game to mention. Basically I’m interested in any lifetime accounts that users have found useful. Now this membership does include unlimited Google Drive and an .edu e-mail. I use the unlimited Google Drive with Are Backup (also with a lifetime license). So with this combo, I have unimited versioned backups for “life.”

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Do you still get unlimited Google drive? It seemed like Google was getting rid of that for edu accounts


Perpetual license = $0

Strongbox - as 1Password alternative - lifetime licenses available for MacOS and IOS

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It’s still working for me. I currently have 5.3TB on Google Drive right now and most of that is Arq backups. I haven’t had any notifications that the limit is changing for edu accounts.