What do you think we will see from Apple at the event in April?

Ah, okay. I see now. I’ll try not to be too vague when posting links like that. Too many links from one source can be overwhelming.

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I would laugh if they announce next week that they just threw M1s into the small iMacs and continue using the same design. Bring it in line with the other low end machines. Then later this year (or next) they do the new redesign with the MX, where the whole line is updated.

As much as I want a new MX 30"+ iMac, I really don’t want to pay for one. So I am in no rush.


Been thinking about this too :sweat_smile: that’s definitely possible (but I doubt it - why discontinue the iMac Pro so much in advance?)
Anyway, we’ll see soon !

I hope the entire 21.5" iMac lineup gets updated, not just the lowest configuration. I want to spec out a high-end redesigned Apple Silicon iMac.

I’m not too concerned about the innards of my machine, TBH. As I said, my iMac is working great for me at the moment, so while M1 iMacs would be interesting, I won’t be getting one for a few years.

The M1 is a huge leap forward, but in all honesty I don’t do anything on a Mac that needs a lot of power. Also, I think the M1 shines most in a laptop with it cool temps and low battery usage. So I am not sure I care that much about having an Mx iMac. Instant on, the general zippiness of the OS with it, and the ability to run some couple of iOS apps on a Mac would be nice on the other hand. Then again, my current 2017 iMac still runs great.

I am excited about throwing an Mx chip in a great big 32" display in a new modern housing. I expect that machine to run me around $5,000 though, and I am not sure I want one that bad.

Also I am not sure I want to spend that kind of money on a machine until this SSD issue is fixed with the current line up.

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Suit yourself. I’m rather excited to see new Apple Silicon iMacs be unveiled next week. The boost in performance will be crazy!

We will have to wait and see what ends up happening. I guess you aren’t a true Mac power user if you don’t do anything intensive on your machine. :wink:

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I most certainly am not. Most of the people who post here make me feel I know nothing about Macs. :grinning:

Yeah, same. Where is the “Mac Average Users” forum? Somebody needs to greenlight that idea! :smile:


I honestly can’t wait to renew my 2015 iMac and 2016 MBP. Both machines are totally livable but now that I’ve seen the power of the Apple Silicon chips, I severely want one. Podcast production, compile times, even working on large text documents, that’s going to make every workflow amazingly more fluid. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just some food for thought… :wink:

Who is excited for that new iMac?

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I understand your excitement and I am excited too, but please see our previous exchanges about multiple link posting with multiple threads without added personal value, and kindly refrain from using BIGGER TEXT when there is no reason to. :slightly_smiling_face: (disclaimer: not a moderator, just a fellow user.)

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I wouldn’t be buying the 8GB or 16GB models you’ve “shown”. :slight_smile:

Doh! Sorry, I keep getting this topic mixed up with the other one. Is a moderator able to merge the two together to prevent further mix-ups?

Maybe buy a different Mac then. :wink:


Look at that- my wish came true :slight_smile:

And the Magic Mouse that is extremely popular with users? Tim Cook lives in a different world than reality.

The design and the color options do look really nice though. The only issue is the charging method, but I wonder if that has been fixed yet. :thinking:

I love how the new Magic Keyboard has Touch ID. That is a very cool addition. Apple just needs to work on a wirelessly charging mouse now!

I love it. I have three of them (no kidding). I script the hell of out it with BTT, to the point where I need one for some workflows (which is why I have three).

That’s surprising. Seems like most people swap them out for something else.

All my revision and change tracking / editing with Word is based on BTT gestures with the Magic Mouse. (And I edit very long documents with lots of passes :sweat_smile:) Even if I work on my MBP, I have one and I use it solely for that end. Apart from the dumb placement of the charging port, I love that mouse. Was a true game changer when I came from the Windows world.

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