What does this Bluetooth notification bubble mean?!

First time I’ve ever seen this, but YouTube is showing in my “Recent Apps” section of the iPad dock with this Bluetooth symbol. It looks a little like the handoff icon. But, I don’t understand why it’s showing!


Anyone seen this before and know’s what’s up?

AFAIK, it says that the app has recently accessed Bluetooth.

I believe that’s a Siri Suggestion that you often use YouTube when you’ve connected a Bluetooth device.


Are you listening to YouTube via Bluetooth head or earphones, AirPods?

I’m with @ChrisUpchurch on this one
I think it’s an indication that you tend to have a bluetooth device connected when using the app


Yeah, popped up while using AirPods! So, it is a Siri suggestion based on Bluetooth headset being connected.

Thanks all!