What input devices do you use?

I use the Magic Mouse 2 (black) for work and Razer Abyssus V2 and PS4 controller for Geforce Now. I also have the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad (black).

For music, I use a Nektar Impact LX88+ MIDI Controller and Traktor soundcard.

Keyboard: K780 by Logitech (effortless switching between up to 3 Bluetooth devices — my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone — while also offering silent switches — don’t @ me —, a numberpad, and a huge rubber cradle big enough for my OG iPad Pro).

Logitech MX Master 2S (many features, but: great horizontal scroll wheel right under your thumb, enough said).

Apple Trackpad v2 (used once a month for pinch zoom)

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@machei it is fantastic. Took me a few weeks to get used to the split keyboard, ortholinear key layout, and thumb clusters, but now I have no problem on multiple styles of keyboard.

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Great point, @Lars! I also use my iPad Pro 12.9 with Astropad to get  Pencil hotness on my MacBook Pro.

Logi K811 and Logi MX Master 2S


I fun my iMac at home using a DasKeyboard with a Magic Trackpad 2 on the left and a Magic Mouse on the right. The trackpad gets used for most pointing device input, with the mouse reserved for stuff the trackpad doesn’t do well and occasions when my left had is otherwise occupied.

At work I’ve got a Magic Keyboard 2, with an OG Magic Trackpad on the left and a Magic Mouse on the right. I’m thinking about replacing the Magic Keyboard with a good mechanical switch keyboard. I find them so much nicer than the Apple keyboards.

MBP and MBA keyboard and trackpad and a Logitech G603 gaming mouse (mainly for ergonomic reasons) after years with Apple’s Magic Mouse, that was killing my hand (I miss the trackpad-like gestures, though)

iMac, a Logitech K760 keyboard and a Logitech M305 mouse. The keyboard for it’s switching capabilities and another mouse because I couldn’t get used to the Magic Mouse (to flat). MacBook Air, it’s keyboard and trackpad.

Hi, if your interested I have a set of the new Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and the Magic Trackpad 2 spare because I have just purchased two new 27" iMacs with them and I only need one of the sets. So I am looking to sell the other pack for £150.00 including shipping. If you are interested let me know?

I have recently changed my office setup and now use 2 27" 5K iMacs with the new Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and the Magic Trackpad 2 which I love compared to my old keyboard & trackpad, I am using these with the Synergy software so I can use just one keyboard and trackpad across both machines and so far it is working great. So if anyone is interested I have a spare set of the new Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and the Magic Trackpad 2 that are still boxed that I am looking to sell on for £150.00 including shipping. If you are interested let me know?

Currently I am using a Corsair K70 mechanical keyboards with MX brown switches, and some generic Microsoft mouse.

When I am on the go I abandon all external input devices, because the MacBook trackpad is still the best trackpad I have ever used.

you need to try the Magic Trackpad 2 on your desk setup as it works exactly like the MacBook trackpad perfectly.

Standard Apple Wireless Keyboard that came with my iMac and a physically small Dynex wireless laptop mouse for my iMac.

MacBook Air has a slightly larger Logitech wireless mouse.

I hate trackpads and can’t use them so I’ll carry a mouse with me everywhere I go with my laptop.

On iMac: Apple Wireless Keyboard, TrackPad, M705 logitech mouse, 3DConnexion Space mouse, Wacom Bamboo Fun

On rMBP: Apple Wireless Keyboard, TrackPad, and Apple magic mouse

iMac (home) - wireless keyboard v1 and wireless trackpad v1.
iMac (work) - wired extended keyboard, wired mouse.

There is a good possibility I’m getting the v2 of the keyboard and mouse for my birthday later this month and then I’ll move the v1s to the office.

Being able to recharge them seems a huge improvement.

iMac: Logitech K760 keyboard and Magic Trackpad v2 (with Force Touch deactivated)


@MustangMatt I’m curios as to your experience using the Synergy software for controlling multiple machines with one keyboard/mouse. I’m looking at being able to use it between a windows 10 PC and my macbook pro. Does it require a hardwired connection to be smooth or does wireless work without lag?



I am using it over bluetooth between 2 5K iMacs which are both maxed out, so far I have had no problems and it’s been very smooth without any lag.

Thanks for the feedback.

Mac — I use Logitech’s M570 trackball. I have a drawer full of mice and trackpads Apple and Logitech.