What is the oldest device you are currently using?


The oldest device in use is a 2012 Mac mini, which is my home server (Plex, backups, automation, spam filtering) and is still powerful enough to do that for several years.
Even if it’s not a device: my Apple Extended Keyboard II from the 90ies, which is still my main keyboard at home.


iPad 3rd generation. Recently replaced with an iPad Pro, but my cat uses the old one to watch squirrel videos on YouTube.

Okay, I help her by starting the video and turning on guided access so she doesn’t exit the video when she’s pawing the screen.


I have a 1993 Newton Message Pad, that I fire up occasionally to marvel at how ahead it was for the time.


4th gen iPod Shuffle which is probably not going to see much if any use now that I can put music on my watch & listen via AirPods.

Mid-2012 non-Retina MBP, acquired in 2013.

Oldest device in the house would be either an original iPad or a Nintendo Wii, if we’re going beyond Apple devices.


2013 iPad w/64 GB, obviously I need to upgrade. Any suggestions?


2015 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display - Great Laptop


I have a 2012 Mac Pro 3.46 GHz upgraded,with SSDs and a GeForce 970 GTX graphics card. Gives me all the raw power I need and doubles as my Plex server. My wife uses a MBP 17’ late 2011 with Radeon 6770 card. Says she won’t give up the 17 inch display!


My MacMini dates to 2009 and is still going strong.


I have a 30GB Video iPod (circa 2005) that I still use, but it’s not a productivity device. I continue to lavish love upon my 2011 MacBook Air (11" i5 128GB 4GB) It still works like new and has the best keyboard ever.


We have a 2013 MacBook Air, which hubby still uses on a daily basis.


That’d be the iPad 2. Still using it because it still works, albeit slowly. Going to wait for the refreshed iPad Pro lineup (hopefully this fall)!


I’ve got a trackball at least 15-20 years old that I use daily when I’m at my desk.


Also have the 2013 MacBook, and extremely happy!


11" MacBook Air from 2010 and iPhone 4s.

I have opted for an iMac and mulitPad combo so have never considered replacing the laptop.The Air is left at work and gets used when my 2007 work PC (Running Windows XP!) gives me grief.

The 4s gets used in my car so that the kids can fiddle with the music choices while I drive (ie. It is the car’s emergency phone that incidentally keeps kids entertained). My “real” phone is my iphone X which is a no kids zone!


I tend to buy the highest end device I can and then hang onto it for a long time. I’m 60, live in California, and have owned only three cars in my life (currently a 2006 Prius).

So in thinking about this, I was surprised to realize that the oldest Apple device I have in daily use is my Series 0 watch! I replaced my 2011 17" MacBook Pro last year, and just replaced my iPhone 6 with an iPhone 8 last month. I also was using a 2010 Mac Mini as a server until last month, but have now outsourced this to a server farm.

Since I’m looking forward to using the walkie-talkie feature with my wife when watchOS 5 comes out, I guess a new watch is on the horizon for me soon.


My work Mac Mini is a late 2009 if you can believe that. When I say I’m desperate for Apple to refresh the Mini, I’m not kidding.


I have a 2 or 3, can’t remember still gets used daily for two apps, Books and the Kindle Fire remote.


I have a mid 2010 13" MacBook Pro - my only Mac.

I upgraded original 4GB RAM to 8, and am now on my 3rd hard drive. Battery lasts about 1.5 hours, but the machine is still going strong and I use it every day as my main computer. Every year for the past 5 years I have said I will replace it, but it just keeps going…!


I have the same MacBook Pro, and you are right on that it keeps on going!


I’ve got a 1st Generation iPad mini that I still use it for Mindmapping with iThoughts HD, reading pdfs in LiquidText, and for reading books in the Kindle App. I’ve loved the Mini’s size, but with it longer running the current version of iOS it is becoming slowly less usable. While at one time I had been holding out for a new generation Mini, LiquidText really would work better on a bigger screen. I’m also tempted by moving up to the regular iPad or 10.5 inch iPad Pro to use an Apple Pencil for GoodNotes or MyScript Nebo as I have way too many yellow legal pads with notes for different clients in my life right now.

That is unless you count my TI-36x solar calculator that I still whip out from time to time when I don’t want to open Excel and need to do more than one or two numbers together (which I would just do with my iPhone). It’s from either 1991 or 1992 (I forget).

-David Beck