What is the oldest device you are currently using?


Ok, here goes.

Original iPad Air with mobile connectivity. Handed down from my husband, whom I graduated to a “Baby Pro”.

It’s my reading / sofa/ travelling/ navigating/ camping/ entertainment/ carry-anywhere device (an original 12.9 Pro stays firmly anchored to a flat surface at home). It’s also the device I take to the office as my mobile “bible”.

I keep it on iOS 9 so I can troubleshoot and guide an octogenarian family member, living 2 countries and over a thousand miles away, whose only computing device is an iPad 2 with a ceiling of iOS 7 as it’s operating system (oh the joy of grouped notificafions in iOS 9!).

2nd generation iPod Touch. Carries all my music and is used exclusively for that purpose, mostly on long journeys. This was my very first Apple device.

At the office, our technical staff have iPad 2s in daily use as their digital notebooks, calculators, niche engineering apps, etc. We’ve had to replace the Apple covers but the devices soldier on.

Also at the office my old iPhone 4, used to make calls to mobiles and receive support phone calls, as well as to work with our technician when he’s doing vehicle installations of our equipment.


I can relate to that. My Mac is the 2011 mini where I’ve swapped the main drive for an SSD and added another hard drive with a dual hard drive kit from iFixit (thankfully, in this model there’s a free connector on the logic board and some space in the case where the optical drive used to be). I didn’t upgrade to the 2012 model as my 2011 was barely a year old by then, but in retrospect I should have because the 2014 model is utter garbage with its soldered RAM. I hope there will be a new Mac mini soon and preferably one that could be called an upgrade compared to the 2012 model.

What comes to other old Apple hardware in use, my kids are still using my old iPad 3 for videos and kids’ apps (being stuck on iOS 9 that’s pretty much the only valid use case left for it) and the battery is still surprisingly good. I thought at this point I’d need to charge it constantly and every day, but the thing keeps surprising me.


Most of my tech feels relatively old - but not as old as other contributors:

  • Late 2013 15" MacBook Pro
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad Air 2

They’re all humming along nicely, which is a testament to the quality of Apple’s products. I’m due for a contract renewal now, and I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade the iPhone or iPad. The latter is more tempting, as I’d love an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil support.


My oldest device is a 2008 13" Aluminium unibody Macbook, …not used every day but still there when I need it :heart_eyes:, maxed out at 8Gigs and 4 batteries later !

Also still using a iPad Air2 (but my dear wife seems to have hijacked it since here original iPad mini got so slooooowww), and my iPhone 6S which I’m looking too replace this September.:grinning:


The thread on the iPhone replacements got me to thinking about this one:

Oldest Mac still in use is my iMac G4 from 2003
I also am stil running my iMac Intel from 2006
My current machine is iMac Intel (21.5-inch, Late 2013)

On the portable side
hubby is running a MacBook Pro 5.5 (13 inch - Mid 2009) under Linux
my active laptop is MacBook Air 4.2 (13 inch - Mid 2011) which is LambTracker Development central

I don’t have all the history on the iPads, I tend to inherit them from my stepdad because my use is pretty much all reading/web browsing but my current model is an iPad Air 5th generation from late 2013. This is the 3rd one I’ve owned.


I’m still using my 2010 iMac 21” daily, only the RAM was updated to 12GB. It runs High Sierra fine. I’m waiting for the new generation iMacs, before replacing it.


Me too, I plan to replace my 2013 iMac when there is a new generation.


Not Apple…but I still have my C64. And sometimes we play 8 bit games on it.


I’m going to update my answer - I am now using a Mac SE so I can play old System 6.x and 7.x games. :slight_smile:


I’m currently typing from a user-upgraded 2012 Mac Mini. I use it more than my 2018 MBP, since it’s always on, always there, always ready.

My SO still uses her iPad 2 daily, for Youtube watching before bed. She bought it for school years ago, and is still (mostly) going strong.


Mid 2011 27" iMac - This is my daily machine for business use, and apart from a minor glitch a couple of weeks ago when it wouldn’t “wake up”, this is the best computer I’ve ever owned. Although it won’t run the latest MacOS, it still handles everything with ease.
I will probably update when the iMac gets its next update (whenever that may be).


2009 13" MacBook Pro with added RAM and 500GB SSD. Used daily. The only other hardware service has been to change the battery… which reminds me, I need to order another (3rd) battery, as this one lasts about 10 minutes off-charger.


My oldest device is my GameCube with two Wavebird controllers that still sees some Smash and DoubleDash reverse 150cc played on it. :slight_smile:


A 2010 Mac Pro is my desktop machine and Plex server.

I also have an iPhone 5 that gets put into service if I travel overseas. It gets the SIM for my regular account and stays at home on a charger while a Google Fi SIM goes into the Xs that comes with me. This may change if I ever get the main account moved over to the eSIM in the Xs.