What is Your Favorite App ... Ever

This may be a little controversial in a Mac forum…but mine is OneNote on Windows 10. The deep integration with Outlook in particular, the ability to link meetings with notes, the integration with Tasks, sharing…I use it every single day, professionally (I have to work in a WIndows environment, no choice). I wish there was something that worked as seamlessly on the Mac and iPad. There are some fantastic tools for macOS and iOS out there, and I do use them, but I really wish a deeper integration was available.


I use Microsoft OneNote on Mac, iOS, and Android (tablet). It works so very well, and syncs smoothly across all platforms. (I don’t know if they have a Linux version.)


Netscape. There were browsers before, but they were difficult to use for regular users. And of course there have been many, better browsers later. But Netscape was the first browser for everybody. It was the Milton Berle of browsers. It helped drive the Web into the mainstream.

Netscape pioneered the freemium model. And it also embraced people who found security holes, thanked them lavishly and publicly and with cash rewards, where previous software companies had threatened these people with criminal prosecution. Both of these business models were shocking and refreshing.


After some thought, I have to say GNU Emacs, with an honorable mention to Homebrew that installed it.

But overall, it’s the vast variety of open source and commercial software that the Mac can run that makes it a valuable desktop platform. And with its underlying Darwin port of BSD UNIX, it really has been Linux+++++ for me.


Filemaker, Filemaker, Filemaker. It is my journal, my garden planner, my address book with notes, my DB of glass artistst with photos of their work, my vacation planner, my project list, etc. etc. etc. It is flexible in field types and design. It is not cheap but it keeps me happy.


Frantastical and Downcast on IOS. OneNote on Windows when I was in law school.

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TextExpander still surprises me! And 1Password with TouchID on iOS.

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Because I do a lot of writing and a lot of presentations, I’d say MindNode, Ulysses, and Pages/Keynote. All writing projects begin in MindNode–then to Ulysses and finally to Pages. Presentations start in MindNote then go to Keynote.

Absolutely… Keyboard Maestro. Almost any workflow deficiency in any app can be overcome. Probably an exaggeration but seems true all too often.


Scrivener without a doubt. I’m a pro writer and this app has revolutionised the way I work and enabled me to take on more complex and deep projects than ever before while delivering quicker.


HyperCard was my first favorite app. I miss it dearly. You could create your own HyperCard stacks. Drag and drop. Make a presentation. Maybe HyperCard was the first application for the Mac that gave power to the mass market. There was a nice cottage industry that sprung up. Fastforward to decades later and the promise of SiriKit and Workflow will bring power back to those of us who are not scripters.

Drafts, Automator, and AppleScript are other tools that brings me back to the days of HyperCard. I am old enough to remember doing Applesoft BASIC on my old Apple //e (R.I.P.).


I second Filemaker. I have been an avid filemaker user for years and years… I use it for everything and write huge number of scripts to solve problems.


I’m going with TextExpander. I use it every day and love it. Second choice 1Password.


I’ve always felt that OneNote is one of the best (if not THE best) app Microsoft has ever shipped.


I find myself agreeing with so many of these nominations!


wow… the “Ever” challenge makes this quite difficult. I agree with so many of the prior posts.

While not in the “Ever” category, I absolutely love Procreate (iPad). I’m not an artist but have so enjoyed rekindling a love for drawing. The app is very well designed and works so well with Apple Pencil.

forScore (iPad) is another favorite over the last few years. No better companion for time spent with my guitar.

I guess from a nostalgia standpoint I would have to say Aperture (Mac). That was the breakthrough app for me for digital photo management.

Plenty more dating back to my first 128K Mac and original iPad! Hmmm… maybe Dark Castle?


There’s an open-source fork for OneNote on Linux. https://github.com/patrikx3/onenote

But it’s just a wrapper of the web app.

I can’t say its the App which is my favorite. There are many which fall in the favorite category depending on the situation. At least when I set up my new phone to begin with I want Fantastical, 1Password, Drafts, OmniFocus, Ulysses, Workflow, LaunchCenterPro.


Our app picks are too old for anyone to know what we’re talking about. LOL! I dug Netscape, too. :smiley:

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Fellow Scrivenerista, welcome!