What is Your Favorite App ... Ever

Drafts. But everyone knew this already


How many words was that review again? 10,000? :laughing:

I’m torn between Workflow and Drafts, I use both equally!

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More than 13,000… :wink:

Workflow is a very close second. Honestly, they go hand-in-hand.


I have so many favourite apps on the iPad, iThoughts is top, 1Password, Omnifocus, Devonthink, i41CX+ (HP 41C calculator - still have the real thing and that is 36 years old and still works, still after all this time think in RPN)

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I totally agree - If you’re in a Windows-only system, OneNote/Outlook/Office is the combo to go with for note-taking and digital management. I am Windows-only at work, but I try to ham-fist my system into working for me in OmniFocus :man_shrugging:

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I agree about OneNote, i used it extensively at work on Mac & iPad, previously on windows, it is one of Microsoft’s best applications ever…

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Favorite app EVER? I’m going to go old-school and say it’s a tie between Eudora on OS9 and Tex-Edit Plus.

Oh, and Quicksilver.

Definitely Scrivener, especially now that it’s on iOS too.

Obviously Drafts.

Please don’t make me choose.

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I think my favourite app would have to be Realmac’s RapidWeaver with maybe Adode Lightroom being runner-up.

One app I miss not having on the Mac is the V file viewer. It was a great diagnostic tool on Windows. A file explorer with great display capabilities like displaying files in hex, EBCDIC, or text. It could quickly scan or search huge files.

1Password for me. It is the first app I install on any new device and I use it several times a day across macOS, iOS and even Windows.

Several honorable mentions:

  • Drafts
  • OmniFocus
  • Pixelmator
  • Fantastical

If you join the Office Insider program and choose Office Insider Fast using the Microsoft AutoUpdate application on the Mac, Outlook has the integration with OneNote. Please read the disclaimers there when you are signing up so you can make an informed choice.


If the Netscape nomination doesn’t mark me as ancient, the Milton Berle reference does it.

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That is a tough one.

Sketch (http://sketchapp.com).



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I love OneNote but it is really annoying that the iPad app still doesn’t support drag and drop


100% on TextExpander! I don’t want to live without it now.

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Agree wholeheartedly. Hands down my favourite and most used app on my work Win 10 machine. But not my favourite app overall,that honour goes to Filemaker Pro. Over the years, I organised so many thinks through Filemaker - thoroughbred pedigree and results db, DTP through hooks to Quark, business management, photo studio management - and it always came through with flying colours. I am no developer, but with Filemaker I sometimes feel like one :slight_smile:


I like the Facebook app.

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My head exploded just thinking about how to answer this. So many possibilities. I might go with Keyboard Maestro, because of how important it is to so many of my tasks during the day, plus how much fun it is to build stuff out. If not that, then probably DEVONthink. There’s even a game or two I’d throw into the ring, from my gaming days many years ago.

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1Password, Overcast, and Steam!

+1 for Audible! A subscriber for 14 years. My how time flies!