What is your favorite RSS Reader? 2023 Edition

It’s that time of the year again to discuss which RSS reader application is your favorite for Apple iPhone, IPad, and Mac computer and why that is.

If you want to put a spotlight on your feed provider , please include.

Please keep the discussion civil as “best” conversations can heat up one’s blood.

Readkit. Its interface feels native on every platform. It’s fast and has a lot of great features. Plus there’s a lifetime buy option too.


Always come back to Reeder 5 :man_shrugging:t2:


Still loving NetNewsWire



Super fuild, keyboard shortcuts, integration with iCloud, Pocket, Instapaper, Twitter and Reddit.

One time purchase :heart:. Can’t get better than this.


Those that combine Reeder 5 with Inoreader, help me understand the improvements.

Thanks, sorry for hijacking the thread.

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Fiery Feeds is the true successor to Mr. Reader… It’s for power users who process articles (sharing, archiving, etc). If you just want to read and delete, reeder5, unread, etc. are fine.



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My RSS app is ReadKit. I switched to ReadKit earlier this year after using Reeder for years. While I think Reeder is still an excellent choice, ReadKit’s support for Smart Folders won me over.

My RSS service is Inoreader Pro. I filter some high-volume feeds at the server level, limiting what some up in ReadKit. I also appreciate being able to sync my YouTube subscriptions through Inoreader Pro. Videos that I want to watch are sent off to the excellent Play app by Marcos Tanaka.

RSS Master here. Let me save you some time.

iPad: Reeder 5
iPhone: Reeder 5
Mac: Inoreader web interface, followed by Reeder 5.

I’ve tried them all. These are the best.

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ReadKit is really not an RSS reeder. It has its purpose and so does Reeder.

Inoreader is the king. It has rules, highlighter, filters, translation, active filters and so much more.

My favorite. Just a little pricey IMO

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Me too. It’s free (I think), so easy to use, and it syncs very well using iCloud.


News Explorer. I’ve been using it for a year, and just bought Reeder to compare. Reeder has cloud syncing and perhaps a slightly better interface. But News Explorer has a better Reader mode: it shows far fewer ads.


Reeder 5 (with Feedly Pro as back-end) on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, because of the great UI/UX, which makes it an excellent reading experience.

I don’t read RSS on my PC, because there’s no Reeder for that platform…

(I have enjoyed Unread for quite a while as well, but stopped using that when it became a subscription)

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I love Reeder but the only annyance I have is that it seperates my RSS feed and Read Later ‘buckets’ into different accounts that I need to manually switch between. Unless I am missing an obvious way to bring these sources together? I find that I don’t check my Read Later much inside Reeder due to that little bit of friction.

NetNewsWire, with News Explorer as a semi-close second — by which I mean that, if there were no NetNewsWire, I’d use News Explorer.

+1 for NetNewsWire
+1 for NetNewsWire Developer
+1 for NetNewsWire Developer’s Community Spirit


I’ve used NewsExplorer and NetNewsWire and Readkit in the past, but where I use a Mac and an Android phone, the best option I found is Miniflux, and I use the hosted version, which has great keyboard shortcut support.

All three versions of NetNewsWire are free, and actively supported and developed.