What is your funny, quirky or geeky SSID

Most geeks have a pretty good sense of humor and sometimes that spills over into what they decide to name their WiFi networks.

I’ll start, my current SSID is kobayashi maru. I’m expecting to be hacked just as soon as someone sees my WiFi and can’t resist the “unbeatable” test.


For a time, mine was ‘Douglas County Water and Sewer’, thinking it might discourage hacking.
When I lived in an apartment, it was ‘We can hear you having sex’ to encourage people to keep it down. Worked for the most part.


In college mine was always “Campus Security Mobile Van 2” but since I’ve moved into a townhome, we’ve recently changed it to “NachoWiFi”. I’ve been thinking of changing it again, but with over 50+ connected devices, it’s not worth the effort at this point to change all of the network settings across the board.

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mine is “404 - network not found” :wink:


I have “hijack.malware” for my admin and “I will call the cops” as my guest network.

I had some unsavory-looking folks that were roaming through my neighborhood, looking for unlocked WiFi to connect to. I once saw a guy of questionable character walking by and stop right in front of my house, staring at his phone. I went to my phone, turned off my unprotected guest network, and he moved on right away. That’s when I changed my SSID’s to ones that will hopefully inspire roamers to pick up their pace around my property.


It’s amazing how brazen they are about it! You’d think they’d at least try to do it on the sly.

I saw one yesterday called Searching which I thought was very clever!

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There are some classics here already. I particularly like

Mine is rather mundane by comparison; it’s “Fors Fortis” which can be roughly translated as “fat chance”.

My main network is ”MacGyver.net” while my guest network is “Panopticon”.

My main network is ‘Pied Piper’ and guest network is ‘FBI Surveillance Van.’ My printer is ‘US Dept of Treasury’ which got a chuckle from my wife the first time she went to print something.

Guest network is dreadedorangeman

Think about it.

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We’re pretty dull, our most active ones are open GarvinXX, Garvin ZZ, DesertWeyr (the one in the barn) but then again we’re a quarter mile from the nearest neighbor and if anyone comes up the driveway we do have 4 huge guard dogs that alert us. We do have a guest one over in our guest house close to the road that is isolated and has a password, GarvinB4.

However, we name the servers and hard drives. Current main server is Asgard, in the past have used external drives Han and Napoleon, attached to a machine called Solo. One server is Kitling and another is Kanamit.

Where I’m the only “techie” person in my family, I felt “Living with Muggles” the most appropriate wifi network name. lol

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My SSID is Bifröst and the AirPort Extreme is called Heimdall. A lot of (non-Apple) devices don’t display the umlaut correctly in the SSID.

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I saw a network named “It Hertz When IP”.


Currently wifi SSID is Starfleet, the 5gz SSID is Starfleet5.

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It’s not mine, but whoever named theirs “Skynet” makes me chuckle whenever I check my list of networks at work.


Our wifi is invisible unless you know it’s there, but it’s The Monolith because of the design of the last of the air port / time capsules.

Out of the 12 visible wifis, my favorite is “Turtles All the Way Down.” No idea whose it is.

Sonic Screwdriver. And my iPhone is named TARDIS.

I live in San Diego. I once saw Whale’s Vagina as an SSID. That was a joke in “Anchorman,” a movie set in San Diego.

My neighbors have Bert and Ernie as SSIDs. I do not know which neighbors, although I suspect which ones it is. I never think to ask when I see them.

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Ah, good to see someone else personalising their iPhone. Mine is Luca. In addition:

13” MacBook Pro - Bella
12.9” iPad Pro - Garfield
10.5” iPad Pro - Nico
Airpods - Romulus & Remus
Magic Keyboard - Nero
Synology NAS - Oscar

WD local backups:

  • Archie
  • Coco
  • Poppy

Dell laptop (work) - Can_o_Worms
Android thingy (work) - Toppo

I think the names reflect each individual device’s character quite accurately…particularly in the case of the Dell :wink:.